Doily Time!

I love watching Arab and Persian waiters perform the ritual of pouring a glass of mint tea.  They pour the tea into small glasses from a certain distance, an act that mesmerises me and I really enjoy the bit of conversation to be had with the waiters after tea is served.  A few years ago The Husband bartered for an antique silver teapot at a traditional souk in Marrakesh and when I saw this Elle Premier 100% cotton in grey, I simply itched to hook a doily for my tea tray.  You can find the pattern for the doily on the blog of Karen Klarbaecks, she hooked two and joined them together to create stunning potholders. I edged the grey in the same Elle Premier cotton - colour "leaf".  I also hooked 12 coasters in a few vibrant colours and will show those off soon.  Have a great weekend!


  1. stunning!!!! love the color combo!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. I love your blog!!!

  3. great job and sait!I'm your new follower!
    hugs from Greece

  4. Lovely! The colours are great. I juts made my first doily and I am now looking for my next project. I'm your newest follower now :) Elisabeth xoxo