Crocheting at the Cafe

Pattern: Inspiration from Sophie Digard, I just winged it as I went along
Pom Pom Edge Pattern from Once Upon A Pink Moon
Yarn: Pierrot Pont du Gard 100% French Linen manufactured in Japan and bought in South Africa from I Love Yarn and previously blogged about here

Pattern: An adaptation of Connect the Dots, one of 25 crochet patterns designed by the talented Cornel Strydom for Ideas Crochet magazine. Available for downloading from Zinio
Yarn:  Pierrot Pont Du Gard as per Crochet Pearls above

The Venue: The famous Istanbul Cafe Mado, now open in Ezdan Mall, Al Gharafa, Doha
The menu: Menemen and Cappuccino for breakfast followed by Turkish Tea, Kunafeh and Turkish Ice cream after an hour of furious crocheting!

To give you an idea of the ice cream that sang and danced on my palate  " . . .  Mado’s Maraş-style ice cream, which originates from Turkey’s Kahramanmaraş region, is made, entirely from natural ingredients. The milk used to create this delicious treat is obtained from goats that are on a strict diet of thyme, wild liquorice and wild orchids. Salep (a creamy drink made from wild salep orchids) is also used to lend a unique taste to the ice cream" - Time out Istanbul 

Photos edited in the car en route back home after The Driver picked me up from the mall. I used Snapseed and then created these collages via the magazine part of the Moldiv app.



  1. Stunning pictures and such beautiful crochet work! And stunning ice cream that I can't taste.... :(

    Thanks for sharing Magda:)

  2. I don't eat ice cream and don't want to feed it to my children because all of the ice cream in the shops here has some sort of artificial flavours or additives. It is good to know that somewhere in the world, someone is making ice cream from wholesome, natural ingredients.

  3. very posh crochet !!!! ;oD LOVE IT !!!!
    …..thank you sharing Magda, xxxxx Ale

  4. I saw the photo of Cafe Mado passing on your Instagram feed, and the first thing that came to mind was : my gosh how squeaky clean... I would not dare entering that cafe ;-)))
    Love your frilly crocheting work - gorgeous colours of yarn, as usual of course, you have thé best taste in combining colours !!

  5. All delicious! mmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Freedom for Catalonia!

  6. Zo mooi allemaal!!! Groetjes Lisanne

  7. Your pictures are magical! I'm speechless! :)

  8. You're a genius - lovelovelove these! Colours, textures, patterns + your amazing pictures & collages. Eye candy.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day, Haafner


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    At 17:14 hours in BARCELONA. We hope the world will listen us.
    There will be a V, with the following meaning:
    VOTE (votar in catalan) , WILL (voluntat in catalan) and VICTORY (victòria en catalan) .
    We, the Catalans, hopefully one day we can celebrate our Independence Day.
    Above all we are a peaceful people.
    Thans for sharing, Magada!
    Have a nice day!

  10. Fantastische Arbeit! Tolle Fotos!

  11. Cheers all! I am working on the vintage inspired pattern again and it felt so strange picking up a bigger size hook after working with thinner thread! The Moldiv app is quite and enjoyable one - and be sure to download that magazine. Oh my goodness there is the most gorgeous Sorbet and Lace Square pattern available too!

  12. OMG! Are you living in Qatar? Im also here! happy to have mado in Qatar, try manti also!

    i looooove ur blog and crochets!!

    1. Woop, you are in Qatar - how great is that! Please join us for crafts shares with Megan Zahr. See the FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/669151269788223/# Off to connect with you on your blog. Cheers!

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