Dainty Delicious Darling Scarf


One could easily fantasise about being a dainty lady, wearing this delicious darling scarf. I on the other hand, prefer to team something as delicate as this with raw grey linens and natural stone. The look is as strong as it is fragile and the result mesmerising.

However, neither of my two dresses in silvery grey (this one shows my knees - against the dress code in Qatar!) and charcoal linens, inspired me this morning and I promptly decided to hunt down tunic style dresses in faded Japanese linens in order to showcase my beautiful scarf. Wish me luck!

I have been shopping all my life and I have nothing to wear!!

Madeline Tosh Prairie in Calligraphy, a one ply, 100% superwash hand-dyed merino wool
Eden Cottage Theseus Lace, a merino and silk 2 ply lace weight yarn soft, somewhat shimmery and luxurious
Hook Size: 3mm


Photos of flowers, top and jewelry linked in Pinterest


  1. It is just gorgeous, your scarf !!!

  2. so delicate and gorgeous!!!!!
    how are you, my dear?
    xxxxxx Ale

  3. Magda!
    Kan net dink hoe verruklik jy lyk (en voel) as jy hierdie serpie dra.
    Jy't sulke goeie smaak.
    Beautiful hekelwerk, blog post en detail fotos...
    C x

  4. Oh my, such a beautiful scarf. Pretty and delicate.......and I can see why you would team it with linens and raw grey. The contrast would work so well together. I bet it is wonderful to wear.

    Have a lovely rest of a week!

    Vanessa x

  5. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

  6. Lovely scarf, I love it. It is absolutely beautiful to wear. Great post.

  7. Es una preciosidad de chal. Me encanta como lo has hecho. Gracias por el patrón.

  8. Prachtig!!! Wat een uniek talent heb jij, niet alleen qua ontwerpen maar vooral het gebruik van garens en kleurcombinaties. Bedankt voor alle inspiratie!