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Hakuna Mutata from a BITTERLY cold South Africa!

Woo hoooo I am in yarn heaven and internet hell!  OMG the internet is a real slow and expensive pain in the behind here in South Africa to be honest. Luckily the yummy food and yarn choices balance the experience somewhat. My posting is short on words but I will confess that even though the physiotherapist said that I shouldn't attempt any hooking for at least another six weeks, I uhm started to hook again, focusing on small projects such as scarves for myself and the Tween and two small bags. 

The Tween took one look at the fabulous  Lutter Idyl and made a teeeeny tiny little bag that she hangs around her neck drawn from inspiration found on the blog. The bag/necklace was hooked with Elle Premier Natural Cotton. The Tween also learned to knit and is currently torn between the two crafts.   

It is freezing cold in South Africa, our first winter in 10 years and I didn't even think twice about whipping up scarves to supplement our skeleton winter wardrobes. I used the Willow Block - pattern available as a free download from CrochetMe - to create this scarf consisting of 12 squares. I did not hook the last two rows that form part of the pattern to create a square more suitable to a scarf. I hooked it with Spice Double Knitting from Kismet Yarns, made in Turkey.

I used a pattern from the Yvestown Blog to create a scarf for the Tween. It also consists of 12 flowers in three different colours, hooked from Spice Double Knitting and Vinnis Nikkim

Toucan - a family business with stores in a few locations in South Africa. The one nearby where we holiday at the moment is located in a huge warehouse.  When I asked them whether they offer classes or community crafting they said the premises were too small. Whaaaat! LOL they haven't seen the teeny shops that Asian merchants retail from.  No wonder then also that living costs in Asia is that much lower - nothing goes to waste in saving societies. South Africa is a consumer society. i certainly don't mind spending in this shop though ;-)


  1. Nice take on the Willow Block, works good as a scarve. The Yvestown Flower Coaster must be one of my faves, think it was the 6th that I finished this week! Also used that colour of Spice DK for Ouma Nettie's, lovely yarn to work with.

    1. Love the flower coaster, we also used it in a project where kids at a children's home in Malaysia redecorated their barely there space. They normally hook amigurumi style but got hooked - pun intended - on the flower.

  2. Loved your Jetty pics- can you believe how miserable the weather is this side?!

    Say hello to Keurbooms beach for me..*sigh*..rain or shine that beach is fantastic.

    1. Eeeeek I hate winter! Keurbooms is great - might be heading there over the weekend, weather permitting!