We are sitting here, The Tweens and I, salivating over ideas for new rooms for them and right now, at this very minute, we love the below. None of us like or appreciate clutter, we like simplicity, the less the better. They have both grown up on us though with one entering Teen-hood soon and it became apparent that we need to change their living spaces to be more reflective of their ages and interests.

Who knows, by tomorrow we might feel differently, especially with regard to some of the pinks, but I still wanted to share these images as seen on Floorknaapen. These also show fresh ideas of presenting knitted items [wow, did I say knitting?!] in our homes.


Crochet as story and ideology rather than object

Craft projects in India often focus on storytelling to bring in addition to commercial benefits, also social benefits to the artisan settlements. Men belonging to the Dawoodi Bohra community proudly wear intricately crocheted caps made by women in their families. Through dialogue and co-creation possibilities, the Bohra caps project recognizes seemingly faceless artisans locally as well as globally. The caps are no longer only worn during festivals either, but usage has spread to everyday wear.  The women use fine white kite string in cotton or nylon, with golden kasab yarn to crochet the caps. The process is tedious, the outcome impeccable.

Sitting together during the day, women of a community refer to pattern books to design beautiful motifs for the caps.  the younger boys like designs displaying small animals like ducks or rabbits. 

Two photos left and above as seen on the Gaatha blog.

More photos from our visit to Rajashtan taken at some of the amazing palaces and forts.  The arches and graphic patterns no doubt inspire a variety of craft designs.


Crochet for Cool Kids

Crochet floor rugs approximately 106cm wide available from La de dah kids

Crochet Throw [above] and crochet covered stool [below] as seen on Mimmi Staaf

Crochet Throw as seen on Las teje y maneje

Rocket from Pat Kim

World Map as a Tube Metro system for the Dude Tween from artPaus

Crochet Throw from Un je ne sais quoi deco


Weekend in Stockholm

No, I wasn't this lucky again to be spending a weekend in Stockholm!  Mind you, my trip to Sweden last year was also barely more than a weekend long, 3 nights to be exact.  To put this in context: I spend 5 nights away, 2 of them on planes since it takes about 24 hours to travel from Penang, via Kuala Lumpur, via Amsterdam to reach Scandinavia. Crazy, but such is this life.

I decided to hook the Weekend in Stockholm pattern as a reminder of my academic association with Sweden since 2005 and also because when I asked the Dude Tween which country he would love to visit next, he answered Sweden. The project is destined for his room and I will give you a sneak peek:

The corners are rounded here, I already corrected it by adding a ch and dc on each side of the ch for a sharper look ;-) 

The Dude Tween's stools/buckets/containers, a collection of 5, all in different colours


To put the size of the Weekend in Stockholm Square in perspective, see how it compares to the size of normal Granny squares below!  

The Weekend in Stockholm pattern is available for free from Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller. There are also Youtube tutorials by the lovely http://knit-my-grits.blogspot.com/ available for rounds 1, 2 and 3, which were a real help in getting his pattern going. i really enjoy hooking this pattern that consists of US trebles. Take a look:

I am very busy on another non-hooking related project, so please excuse me, I am dashing off again. Cheers till next time!