My crochet bag frustrations

Hello! Last week I found these gorgeous bags on Pinterest and immediately decided to hook my own bag consisting of a crochet outer, linen inner and leather straps. Don't you just love these bags?!

On searching the internet for inspiration, Google led me to the most beautiful filet crochet design. In short: I made a complete mess of the design and decided to leave it for another day, another yarn.  That day will come soon though, I love this pattern!

I then hooked up three samples of the pretty Juliet Motif by Amanda Perkins but quickly realised when I joined the motifs that her designs are most suited to soft, drapey natural yarn.  A single motif in the raw cotton looks very pretty; when joined the lovely snowflake-like corners simply disappear and the effect of the motif is lost. Another idea  c a n n e d ! !  

Searching yet again, I came across the Acrobatic Stitch published by New Stitch a Day. Hmmm apart from the fact that it hooks up a crescent moon pattern in stead of the expected square, please note that the video tutorial does not correspond with the written instructions. These are two different patterns and it was the video tutorial that resulted in the crescent moon. Aaaaaaaargh!

H e l l   N o ! ! !   All I wanted to do was to settle on the couch and enjoy a bit of rhythmic hooky time, but I found myself trawling the Net once again.  I finally found THE pattern. You will find 10 photos on this link, I used the pattern as per photo nr. 4, the sample was hooked in what appears to be green paper.

The Bag!

I now need to buy linen and leather before I can assemble the bag. I cannot wait!  The piece of crochet for the bag measures 100 cm x 45 cm before folded in half.  It is a great size and since I love wearing clothes in the below styles and colours, I think my bag will look quite stylish, what do you think?



Checkerboard Baby Blanket

Checkerboard Baby Blanket

Hook Size: 4mm
Yarn: Vinnis Nikkim 100% cotton, hand dyed
Colours: Pacific blue to join and edge the blanket, Midnight and Natural with small squares in a variety of scraps

Hello!  Two days after I started this baby blanket last week, Jenn from Color 'n Cream blogged about the final version of her Pastel Color  Bomb Blanket and once again I realised that the granny square is simply one of the most beautiful and versatile of designs.  I love Jenn's version, oh my goodness the colours are scrumptious and her edge is to die for! I also discovered the blogs Dada's PlaceSmall City Gallery (galeryjka za miastem) and Yarning if you would like to explore more amazing work.

Here at the Pigtails Palace The Cat helped as much as he could to finish the throw . . .


. . . and together we decided to edge the blanket in a design by Lucy from Attic24

The Cat then said that the Teen should cover her moods in a collection of our throws (I think he is just jealous as she is a delight and he keeps on occupying her couch):

Little Karoo Throw blogged here

Babette Style throw blogged here

Raw Rustic Throw blogged here

Bollywood Throw blogged here

Checkerboard Baby Blanket

Until next time, cheers!



Competition time!


Do you want to win this scarf and brooch hooked out of the softest, most luxurious hand dyed bamboo yarn? Pop over to Woolhogs and enter Maryanne's popular monthly competition!

Yarn: Vinnis Serina in Slate, 150gr
Hook Size: 4mm
Pattern: Shell Crochet Scarf by Crochet Geek
Scarf hooked by Pigtails and the beautiful amigurumi brooch was designed and hooked by The Teen!




Red Moments

Crochet Cowl

Motif: Erica by Amanda Perkins from her book 
Desirable Crochet Motifs, Volume 1, 2008 to 2010 available on Ravelry
Yarn: Elle Pure Gold in Ruby 
Hook Size: 5.5mm

I think Elle Gold is a fantastic yarn for those who enjoy hooking with high quality acrylics. Acrylic yarn however, are no longer suitable to the type of work I prefer to do. Back it is to Vinnis Nikkim 100% cotton (hand dyed)  for my latest baby blanket then!  

It is an absolute joy to have fun once again with the traditional granny square.  Yay, this is like getting into a classic car and taking it for a leisurely Sunday drive. I am not revealing yet whether this will have a romantic, traditional or contemporary feel, what do you think - am I testing new waters?

I was also the October Made it Challenge winner on the blog of the "super funny with a great sense of humour" Maryanne.  It is always a great feeling to be winning something, who doesn't like a reward!  I promised a prize from my hooks for one of the challenges on her blog, but you will need to watch her space to see what I made for the challenge. Please visit her blog and enter the November challenge.  Thank you Maryanne

Have a most enjoyable week!


Babette Style Throw


Ooooo Yay!


F i n a l l y   F i n i s h e d!

This throw has been hanging from the hooks since February will you believe it - it is very unlike me since I prefer to finish my projects as quickly as I possibly can.  The squares were in fact finished a few months ago but the idea of assembling the throw bored me to death.  Earlier this week I decided to just jump in and finish it for once and all.  I think it is a true representation of the initial idea and I like the simpler use of colours on a design that is normally hooked in a myriad of colour combinations.  That said, I will also attempt a true Babette sometime in the future and might just go mad on the colours!

Yarn: Vinnis Nikkim
Hook Size: 3,75 mm

Previously blogged about here and here

What are you working on?  I need to focus on finishing the Amanda Perkins designed triangles now and will hopefully showcase another throw soon.  

Have a great weekend!

The Idea

The Plan

The Result


On the bed, however it will not be staying on this particular bed

The back - squares joined with Slip Stitch

The kids monkeying around with a piece they say the love!