44 Stanley and a Vessel

Vessel (our walls are painted a silvery grey in case you wonder what happened to the brightness in these photos) 

Yarn: Elle Cotton On Seriously Chunky in Natural, Kismet Strawberries and Cream in Charcoal Colour 8, Vinnis Nikkim in 3 different colourways
Hooksize: 6,5mm on 3 different yarns throughout
Pattern: Own, bottom of pot in single stitches, neck in treble crochet

Hello!  This is a glimpse of what I have been busy over the past few days.  I am also still working on the Amanda Perkins triangles, but need to visit Maryna, my yarn lady, for a big Vinnis shop to supplement some of the colours again. I have hooked two vessels so far and figured out a grand plan for retaining the shapes of my vessels that does not involve glue or stiffener at all - just give me another week or two and I will share the idea. Woop woop, I am excited since this idea might take my hooky passion in different directions should it turn out the way I envisage!

Spring has also sprung - these are blossoms from our plum tree.  We ave been eating pecan nuts and avocados from our trees throughout winter too.  Unfortunately the figs from last season were full of icky worms, no idea what will happen to the fruit this year.  Grrr I don't do worms!

We enjoy the urban culture offered by the different markets and precincts in Johannesburg (also known locally as Jozi, Jo'burg or the City of Gold). Last weekend we spent time at 44 Stanley, which consists out of 25 speciality boutiques, studios, cafes and rare bookshops. What a great place and space! The vibe is reminiscent of urban, industrial and historical whilst still being contemporary and cool. The buildings were once a series of industrial 1930's building, occupied by the Automobile Association and later a few hundred squatters who almost completely vandalized the buildings. I am just glad that property developers saved these buildings and left behind not only great shopping but also a foodie haven!

 Cheers! The zebra watering can (above left) is now mine!

Let's not say too much about my ooooops blogger moment - I deleted spam messages when I deleted the comments of my previous few postings by mistake :-(  Apologies of yours were one of those, I deleted more than 50 comments in one stupid moment.


Triangles hanging from my hooks!

A big hello here from me to all the Hookers on International Crochet Day!  I am meeting up with a group of expat ladies later this afternoon over a glass of wine for a discussion about our various crafts. I love discussion groups, it is a great way to focus a get-together and to actually learn something constructive; all the different perspectives put across the table is endlessly fascinating.  Since it was my turn to pick the topic, I grabbed the opportunity for us to enter discourse about craft and how living and working globally have changed the way we practice and view our interests. I am so lucky that I live slap bang in the middle of where the majority of the embassies are located here in South Africa, meaning there is huge opportunity to connect with like minded souls! 

I have to share with you a few quick mobile phone pics of my latest project before I leave the house though.  Isn't this just a gorgeous pattern?  I indulged myself this week by purchasing a few books from the designer Amanda Perkins and wow, I LOVE her gorgeous designs.  These patterns work up fantastic in my beloved Vinnis Nikkim Colours, I feel like I entered heaven! This design is from Madder Triangles, but don't ask me what I am making yet as I also don't know!  

I hope you had a great day and see you another time again! xxxx


Keep Calm and Cuddle Me

Blanket for Baby Ryder

Hello! I just finished hooking this blanket for the yet to be born Baby Ryder and quite enjoy the simplicity of the design. Mom and Dad are vibrant, uncomplicated people and I wanted the blanket to reflect their personalities. I hope I succeeded!

The Tween and Teen spotted this posting and told me the Keep Calm posters are so yesterday and belongs with the Hipster crowd. Pffft I decided to ignore their commentary for once, I quite like visualising the baby being cuddled by mom and dad in his/her blanket and thought the poster fitting!


The 63 squares are hooked in hdc and the edge is a combination of sc, dc, hdc and tc
Yarn: Elle Rustica DK
Hooksizes: Squares 5,5mm and edging 4,5mm
You will find the pattern for the Bobble Border on the lovely blog Dover & Madden.  Thank you Vicky for this pretty pattern!

Pattern for Crochet Squares

Ring: Ch4, close with ss. 
Row 1: Ch2 to form first stitch and then another 15hdc. Close round with ss. (16 hdc)
Rows 2-5: Ch2 to form first stitch and then 1hdc, 1ch, 2hdc (this is the first corner). Rest of the 3 corners 2hdc, 1ch, 2hdc. For the rest of the stitches between the corners: 1hdc in each. 
Repeat until there are 5 rounds in total.

Enjoy the rest of the week, I have triangles (Yes!) hanging from my hooks and will indulge you with a few photos soon!

Let's not say too much about my ooooops blogger moment - I deleted spam messages when I deleted the comments of my previous few postings by mistake :-(  Apologies of yours were one of those, I deleted more than 50 comments in one stupid moment and about 22 on this posting alone,


This week

This week I enjoyed

Blocking 63 squares for a 9x7 squares Elle Rustica baby blanket for a yet to be born boy or girl.
Mom and Dad are relocating from Dubai to Cape Town and this will come in handy next winter!
The squares are hooked in hdc and measures about 12x12 cm each.

Proudly watching the beautiful Teen dance in a ballet production. 

 Shopping for a new frock or two - This summer classic trimmed in grey leather is from Colleen Eitzen and I am definitely interested in being a personal shopper in my next life!

Shopping for a new bangle

 and brooch 

Finally getting hold of a pair of great wooden handles for my African Flower Crochet bag!
Be sure to visit Dollie at Wolmart Africa for a pair of these, they are sturdy and looks like excellent quality.

I am looking forward to: 

Visiting the new Capital Urban Market on Sunday
Visiting the Yarn Indaba next year
Visiting the next Craft Share now that my professional commitments moved to another day of the week
Buying more Vinnis from Maryna to get cracking on an Amanda Perkins design woop wooooop!
Buying an Amanda Perkins book or 2
On that note, be sure to take a look at Amanda's Crochet Blog, the work is breathtakingly beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend, I am hooking together the last of the squares for the baby blanket and cannot wait to start on the edge! Cheers xxxxxxx