These were hooked in Vinnis Nikkim Colours [midnight] and Elle Cotton On - Seriously Chunky in single crochet spirals. I smell a dinner party!  


Single Crochet [sc] : Start with 6 sc and increase 6 sc in each round so that the total stitch count in each round is a multiple of 6
Half Double Crochet [hdc] : With hdc it is a multiple of 8
Double Crochet [dc] : Multiple of 12

See Cara Medus for tips on how to crochet a perfect round circle without visible corners and seams.

Cheers! One day I will hook like the amazing At Swim-two-birds.  Head over and check out her work.


Roly Poly Pillow Seat and Pentagon Pattern

While some parts of the world are currently covered in snowy white, we are living in a country covered in colour during the long Southern Hemisphere summers! The Roly Poly Pillow Seat fits right into this image but I can only show you the deflated version at the moment. Stuffing of the ball will take place later this month and I cannot wait to see the ball in it's full splendour - only then will it be possible to truely appreciate the beautiful yarn, colours and design. If you haven't hooked anything in Vinnis Nikkim Colours yet, this is an amazing 100% cotton yarn that I cannot recommend enough!

 The 12 pentagons hooked in different colours

I hooked the pentagons with a 3,75mm hook rather than the recommended 4mm as I wanted to achieve a slightly denser look. The ball was hooked in half double stitches [hdc].

Round 1. Chain 4, close to form ring.  Chain 2 to form first stitch. Hook another 19 hdc and close round with slip stitch. Total stitches = 20.

Round 2. This round will increase by 5 stitches. Chain 3 to form first stitch and single chain. Then in same space hook 1hdc. This will form the first corner. Hook 1 hdc in each of the following 3 spaces. Then in fourth space to create second of five corners: hdc, ch, hdc. Repeat to create 5 corners. This round = 25 hdc in total.

Round 3. Chain 3 to form stitch and single chain. Then in same space hook 2hdc.Hook 1 hdc in each of the following spaces until you reach the corner. In corner space: 2hdc, ch, 2hdc. Repeat until you reach the first stitch. THEN hook another hdc in the corner and slipstitch before going into second round. This round = 40 hdc in total.

Round 4. This round = 45 hdc in total.

Round 5. This round = 60 hdc in total.

NOTE: You will see that the corners of every odd round [starting round three] = 2hdc, ch, 2hdc. Every even round [starting round two] = 1hdc, ch, 1hdc. This resulted in a flat Pentagon. I always join the next round in a corner in order to hide the joins between rounds as demonstrated here. For these pentagons it meant that during the odd rounds you need to hook one last hdc in the corner before slipping into the first one in order to ensure 2hdc, ch, 2hdc for that round.

Thanks for stopping by - Cheers!