Throw idea for our bedroom is taking shape!

The "Raw" squares prior to blocking

Hello!  I think I must be nuts but it seems that I hooked in cotton throughout the winter and now that Spring has Sprung (the weather is fantastic and the trees are starting to bloom), I picked up a wool/tweed/acrylic chunky yarn to hook a throw for our bed. Ah well, due to the intended size it is not a project that will be completed overnight, but it will surely be finished by the next winter. 

I finally decided on these two squares for the throw - a single crochet hooked in the round and a double crochet mesh pattern. It is looking fantastic in this yarn although I still prefer cotton and bamboo yarns in general.  The patterns are simple and I am keeping the stash next to the chaise - I have perfected hooking whilst lying on my back, watching some or the other interesting documentary on TV. Ah bliss! 

Hooksize: 6,5mm

Square Sizes: 180x180mm each

Yarn: Elle Rustica Chunky in Charcoal. These Elle Rustica "colours from the countryside" consists of 20% wool, 20% Tweed and 60% Acrylic


I chose the yarn, colour and patterns specifically to suit the silver grey walls, all white linen, white leather bed and French Industrial cabinets from the 1930's to post war years that is our bedroom.

A mobile phone collage of our bedroom that I posted in January

Have a great week and thank you for stopping by!


Spotty Dotty Scarf and a few Mauritius pics

Dotty Scarf

2,16 meters long
60 squares hooked
363 ends weaved in (Phew!!!)
Hooksize: 4mm
Yarn: Vinnis Nikkim Colours, 8 colours used 
Joining: slip stitch
Edge: one round sc

Oh dear, I just showed the Teen my plan for the next project, a Shortie Shell Capelet designed by Kathy North and she said nooooooo, that is for old people!   Hmmm I am glad she still view me as young; I still like the pattern, but I will come up with a new idea such as hooking up a few of the squares I intend to do a throw in for the master bedroom.  I am thinking of squares in simple sc hooked in the round (Amigurumi style) alternated with a square in a mesh pattern. I bought one skein of yarn to see how it will hook up the idea before I indulge in a full shopping expedition. I am not sure yet whether I should take the plunge and use a wool/acrylic/tweed mix.  I prefer using 100% natural fibers in my work, but the learning curve implies being open towards other ideas . . . 

Below are a few scenes I snapped in Mauritius.  I am slow on the editing since I am frustrated between using Snapseed on the Ipad and the usual pixlr on the laptop.  I am too lazy to learn Photoshop properly. Ditto a few other decent programmes.  These pics are snapshots and in many instances I shot from the hip and enjoyed the surprise when I finally took a look at what exactly I captured. 

Have a great weekend and be sure to pop over to Enhabiten and OmaKoppa to view some briliant hooky work. Cheers!



Spotty Dotty in Progress!

Bonjour!  It was a sunny and warm weekend in South Africa calling for a fun pattern to be hanging from the hooks. I am making yet another scarf but it certainly provides me with the opportunity to try out new ideas, colours and patterns with great satisfaction. I would love to make up a throw in this pattern and think it is an ideal stash buster! 

Are you thinking about new seasons ahead and what you will be hooking by December? I am planning to hook crochet squares throughout summer (it is the southern hemisphere here!) in order to have a King size spread ready by next winter. We have white bedding and oh boy, it is a real pain to keep it clean during winter, especially since the kittens love using the bed as a jogging track after they took a spin through all the dust and dry leaves in the garden!  I hope you are all enjoying a hooking happy week. xxxx


Single Crochet Skinny Scarf

Hello!  I had a great time hooking this looooong skinny scarf over the past three days. I hooked it as a gift for a friend and then . . .  fell in love with it. Oops, I feel so guilty but it really livens up my wardrobe and I have decided to keeping it.  The good news is that I have already started a new scarf with a dotty pattern for my friend. Yay, I have been waiting for the right project to come along so that I could finally try out the "Squaring the Circle" pattern in US Treble crochet. 

I love how this scarf and my printed tights liven up a winter's day!

Skinny Scarf Pattern

To begin: chain 350
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each of the next 348 chs, ch 1 (to turn) (349 sc)
Next few rows depending on the required width as per personal preference: sc in each sc across, then ch 1 to turn (349 sc). This scarf consists of 12 rows of sc
Edging: sc in 1st stitch. Then * sc, hdc, sc in next sc to form small shell. Skip next sc * Repeat between * The shell is thus hooked in every second sc of the previous row.
Then: Turn the scarf and crochet one row sc in the foundation row.
Repeat the edging.

Hook Size: 5mm
Vinnis Nikkim in various colours
Vinnis Bambi in Seagreen
Kismet Strawberries and Cream in Charcoal Colour 8. This yarn is made of 50% recycled cotton and 50% Acrylic and is available in beautiful muted, chalky colours.  It splits quite badly though and is not a yarn I will use to hook larger projects with. 

Spring will sprung soon here in South Africa. We experienced a mild winter this year but after a harsh one last year nobody is complaining!  I love summer and am glad to see the seasonal changes kicking in. Yay, I cannot wait to enjoy numerous picnics and open air cinema again.


Skinny Scarf inspired by Mauritian Meat Market

Skinny Scarf
Hook Size: 5mm
Yarn: Vinnis Bambi in Sea Green; Vinnis Nikkim in Grapefruit; Kismet Strawberries and Cream in Charcoal

I will write up the pattern as soon as I am finished with the scarf - I am not sure where the pattern is leading me yet, but I simply had to reproduce the raw colours of the Poultry, Fish and Meat Market in Port Louis, Mauritius whilst the tones were fresh in my mind. 
I am glad to report that we are not big meat eaters here at the Pigtails Palace although we eat some. I cook Thai, Indian, Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine for the most with a focus on fruit, vegetables and pulses.  Have a great week!

This is Neechee, our male Maine Coon.  He is now just over 4 months old and sport 6 toes on each foot as is the case with some of his breed!


Our Saturdays socialising in Johannesburg





 Dude from the Bread Stall playing with knife belonging to dudes from Coconut Juice stall!

Loaves of bread anyone? Or perhaps some fresh Oysters?

Care for a drink?

Photos my own except for below iPhone shot by Mr Pigtails
* Still editing the pictures from our great holiday in Mauritius!
Until next time


The Teen surprised me!

This pretty pouch was hooked for me by the 13 year old Teen. Thank you xoxoxox! 

She takes after The Husband and has a natural talent for the arts (ballet, drawing, computer drawing, computer animation, photography, painting etc) and took to hooking some 2 years ago like a duck to water.  

She never works from a pattern preferring to design her own and loves hooking her work in teeny hook sizes and amigurumi single stitches. This mobile pouch was hooked in Vinnis Nikkim (Colour Aluminium) and Vinnis Bambi (Colour Sea Green), Hook size 2.5mm.