Throw idea for our bedroom is taking shape!

The "Raw" squares prior to blocking

Hello!  I think I must be nuts but it seems that I hooked in cotton throughout the winter and now that Spring has Sprung (the weather is fantastic and the trees are starting to bloom), I picked up a wool/tweed/acrylic chunky yarn to hook a throw for our bed. Ah well, due to the intended size it is not a project that will be completed overnight, but it will surely be finished by the next winter. 

I finally decided on these two squares for the throw - a single crochet hooked in the round and a double crochet mesh pattern. It is looking fantastic in this yarn although I still prefer cotton and bamboo yarns in general.  The patterns are simple and I am keeping the stash next to the chaise - I have perfected hooking whilst lying on my back, watching some or the other interesting documentary on TV. Ah bliss! 

Hooksize: 6,5mm

Square Sizes: 180x180mm each

Yarn: Elle Rustica Chunky in Charcoal. These Elle Rustica "colours from the countryside" consists of 20% wool, 20% Tweed and 60% Acrylic


I chose the yarn, colour and patterns specifically to suit the silver grey walls, all white linen, white leather bed and French Industrial cabinets from the 1930's to post war years that is our bedroom.

A mobile phone collage of our bedroom that I posted in January

Have a great week and thank you for stopping by!


  1. aha I spy an ostrich egg? I have one too which I have meaning to paint, but hey time keeps getting away from me... I do like that throw!

  2. Gorgeous throw!
    BTW, thanks for directing me to your other Pinterest boards, they're great (of course)!

  3. love the dc mesh block!!!!
    happy hooking, xxxxx Ale

  4. The Rustica is lovely and soft, will be warm.

  5. Like always, I love your work, love the grey and the details. Beautiful pictures too:)

  6. It will be interesting to see these squares together, I love the look of that yarn...looks very textural!

  7. Congratulations for you being in the spotlight on Annemarie's Haakblog!
    You really deserve this as your work is great.
    Have a nice weekend,