A hooker in lust!

Wooooo once in a blue moon I spot something that stirs my blood, makes the mouth salivate, vibrates through my body with sheer LUST. I am in LUST. Now admittedly this is not my style at all, nothing in my home looks like this either and The Husband had the nerve to declare these downright hideous too. But what does he know anyway, the reward lies in making things like this, for other people or for the kids. I mean, having lived in Africa, Arabia and South East Asia, having traveled to many other interesting destinations, I can just imagine creating something that resembles those places, the patterns, colours and designs -  living memories!

Young Turkish designer Beril Cicek was inspired by Icelandic Textiles, specifically the ullarpeysar sweater and sheepskin shoes with knitted inserts to create her mobile cabinets made from wood and wool. These are examples of Icelandic knitwear:

Below are more of Beril Cicek's work:



Aaaaack my crochet career was ever so rudely put on hold by a nerve who had the, wellll NERVE! to intervene.  I am Pinning for a first place in the Olympics team too judging by the hours I spend, no waste on Pinterest, but what's a hooker got to do when the body is on a break? We go virtual then, of course. This is me right now, according to The Tween. 

Pic copyrighted by The Tween

I also realised how utterly boring this poor blog is and am working on a few new postings, tutorials, better look and feel and more ;-)  Please be patient, OK?!

Meanwhile I want to introduce you to the fabulous work and blog of a Belgian girl living in Italy:

Vests and beanies by a bit of pilli pilli


Feeling a bit woolly headed?

Feeling a bit woolly-headed?  Nope, my head seems just fine but I am bothered by crochet induced carpal tunnel syndrome at the moment. I think those who crochet and knit with broom size sticks and hooks are actually in recovery from carpal, that is until the tennis elbow starts to bother and they are forced to explore sewing or painting or quilting or something just as addictive as hooking.

PS UPDATE: The carpal tunnel turned out o be Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - I was promptly lined up for 2 hour micro-surgery on the nerve where it passes over the elbow a mere 10 days after the numbness and tingling in my finger and hand started - aaaargh I was so unhappy about this major intrusion into my life.

Take a look at this Sudafed commercial, entirely produced out of hooky.