Feeling a bit woolly headed?

Feeling a bit woolly-headed?  Nope, my head seems just fine but I am bothered by crochet induced carpal tunnel syndrome at the moment. I think those who crochet and knit with broom size sticks and hooks are actually in recovery from carpal, that is until the tennis elbow starts to bother and they are forced to explore sewing or painting or quilting or something just as addictive as hooking.

PS UPDATE: The carpal tunnel turned out o be Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - I was promptly lined up for 2 hour micro-surgery on the nerve where it passes over the elbow a mere 10 days after the numbness and tingling in my finger and hand started - aaaargh I was so unhappy about this major intrusion into my life.

Take a look at this Sudafed commercial, entirely produced out of hooky.

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