Keep Calm and Cuddle Me

Blanket for Baby Ryder

Hello! I just finished hooking this blanket for the yet to be born Baby Ryder and quite enjoy the simplicity of the design. Mom and Dad are vibrant, uncomplicated people and I wanted the blanket to reflect their personalities. I hope I succeeded!

The Tween and Teen spotted this posting and told me the Keep Calm posters are so yesterday and belongs with the Hipster crowd. Pffft I decided to ignore their commentary for once, I quite like visualising the baby being cuddled by mom and dad in his/her blanket and thought the poster fitting!


The 63 squares are hooked in hdc and the edge is a combination of sc, dc, hdc and tc
Yarn: Elle Rustica DK
Hooksizes: Squares 5,5mm and edging 4,5mm
You will find the pattern for the Bobble Border on the lovely blog Dover & Madden.  Thank you Vicky for this pretty pattern!

Pattern for Crochet Squares

Ring: Ch4, close with ss. 
Row 1: Ch2 to form first stitch and then another 15hdc. Close round with ss. (16 hdc)
Rows 2-5: Ch2 to form first stitch and then 1hdc, 1ch, 2hdc (this is the first corner). Rest of the 3 corners 2hdc, 1ch, 2hdc. For the rest of the stitches between the corners: 1hdc in each. 
Repeat until there are 5 rounds in total.

Enjoy the rest of the week, I have triangles (Yes!) hanging from my hooks and will indulge you with a few photos soon!

Let's not say too much about my ooooops blogger moment - I deleted spam messages when I deleted the comments of my previous few postings by mistake :-(  Apologies of yours were one of those, I deleted more than 50 comments in one stupid moment and about 22 on this posting alone,


  1. great!!! i want to be a baby...
    xo, martina♥

  2. Love your blanket!!! teh colors are super cool and original :-)

  3. Oh my GOLLY GOODNESS! I am so in awe of your beautiful creations....seriously, you are incredibly inspiring!!!!

  4. Love your blanket! How did you join the squares, and how much yarn did you use?

    1. Hi Irene, I started sewing the squares together but then stopped and joined the squares with slip stitch as demonstrated by Attic24. This is a great way to ensure that the squares won't unravel after time. I sometimes switch to a bigger hook when I join my squares (especially when I blocked the squares) to prevent the squares from looking too tight. I used about 12-14 skeins of 100gr yarn. Hope this helps you! xxx