Triangles hanging from my hooks!

A big hello here from me to all the Hookers on International Crochet Day!  I am meeting up with a group of expat ladies later this afternoon over a glass of wine for a discussion about our various crafts. I love discussion groups, it is a great way to focus a get-together and to actually learn something constructive; all the different perspectives put across the table is endlessly fascinating.  Since it was my turn to pick the topic, I grabbed the opportunity for us to enter discourse about craft and how living and working globally have changed the way we practice and view our interests. I am so lucky that I live slap bang in the middle of where the majority of the embassies are located here in South Africa, meaning there is huge opportunity to connect with like minded souls! 

I have to share with you a few quick mobile phone pics of my latest project before I leave the house though.  Isn't this just a gorgeous pattern?  I indulged myself this week by purchasing a few books from the designer Amanda Perkins and wow, I LOVE her gorgeous designs.  These patterns work up fantastic in my beloved Vinnis Nikkim Colours, I feel like I entered heaven! This design is from Madder Triangles, but don't ask me what I am making yet as I also don't know!  

I hope you had a great day and see you another time again! xxxx


  1. Love love love the colors and what a fabulous pattern!

  2. I really love your pictures! And you have great taste for color. Thanx