The Yarn Shop

Here in Penang there are quirky shops and dirty shops, funky shops and monkey shops, shops in modern malls and shops in old Chinese shophouses. Then there is the yarn shop. I will leave the description of this shop up to you, but what I can tell you is that I co-incidentally stumbled upon this shop one day after searching for a haberdashery on the island.  I actually gave up any hope of finding either yarn or a crochet hook anywhere in Penang and decided to order via Amazon. Only to have Amazon declining delivery of crochet hooks to the island . . .

I still think it utterly unbelievable and co-incidental that I walked past this shop and discovered the yarn tucked away on shelves at the back of the shop, exactly one day after trying to order via Amazon.  The choice lies only with the colours, not the yarn.  It is 100% acrylic, manufactured in Japan and is sold in bundles of 5x40gram. The quality is OK, at least the yarn is soft. I have since read about another shop selling yarn and will investigate and report soon. Oh the fun of living this life, one simply has to have an outstanding sense of humour.

The front of the shop and the backstreet where I park - note the storm ahead, it is wet season.

The "Shop"


  1. hi, do you still remember where is the shop location? What road? Thank you.

    1. Hi, it is about 3 shops away from Ghee Hiang in Lebuh Pantai. There is a bead/jewelery shop between them as well as am Indian shop selling carved items

    2. Map: