The Tween's Roly Poly

Oh noooooo I hooked 5 pentagons following the exact stripes as generated by the Tween and I for a Liquorice All-Sorts Roly Poly as posted here, and fell out of love with each and every pentagon almost straight away. The yarn was an identical match to the stripes, the outcome not-so. Smooth stripes don't always translate well into hooky crochet stitches, the pentagons were downright ugly. butt ugly.

Neither did the Tween enjoy the results and I then gave her a free hand in choosing new colour combinations for her Roly Poly Pillow Seat. She loves a sense of the absurd and also collects pictures painted on scrap wood and second hand tables. The below cat is painted on a side table, the other pictures on a wooden cube.

I will once again set out in my quest to refine the Roly Poly Pillow Seat idea. I have tonnes of ideas for many projects and also need to learn a great number of new stitches and patterns, but since I mostly hook in the car whilst waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, I am bound to the simple and mindless in the land of hooky.          

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  1. I just love the pentagon pillow! I really do! Love the idea of a crochet project inspired on the colors of something touchable like a lolly. But I know it is difficult to create and make visable what you have created in your mind.