Grrrr and Georgetown

Taoist Temple Georgetown

Grrrr I still don't know whether it is to be considered a lucky escape or a missed opportunity, but only time will tell - six long weeks I spent organising our relocation in July from Penang, Malaysia to Mumbai, India and then I suddenly received word to redirect the efforts towards a different country!  Check out the few photos the Husband has managed to upload to his site - he has been working in Mumbai since May and dapples in photography when he has a few spare minutes to kill: Photography. Coincidentally, the first edition of our street photography magazine featured India through the lenses of some brilliant street and documentary photographers: 18%GREY | A Street Photography Magazine

I submitted applications to the new school, we found an apartment after frantically searching the nightmare that equals the Mumbai property market [property in Mumbai is along with Tokyo, Moscow and Shanghai the most expensive in the world], I joined an international women's association, found people to deliver quality vegetables, bread, groceries etc. I started talking to someone regarding research projects in Hyderabad. The list of what I have been busy with over the past weeks is endless and include fiddling with the layout of a new blog to document living in a city of 20 million people. 

But alas - the company has projects/offices in a few other [certainly less challenging] destinations too. Make no mistake, India living equals hardship living to the extreme. The husband will spent only one week per month in Mumbai rather than being based there full-time. I will let you know our new destination soon . . .  

Holy moly, I have less than 3 weeks left before the kids and I leave Penang to join the Husband who himself is travelling at the moment. Grrrrrrr, you must remember that my left arm is still in a cast, meaning typing is a one finger affair, getting dressed, coiffed and fed remains a challenge. I also have professional commitments in Penang that is making a fine meal out of any extra hours I have. In between all these activities I pin and pin and pin since I cannot hook and a hooker surely needs an outlet. Pinning requires one finger only, a simple click of the mouse . . . 

I was so disappointed for the lost Mumbai shopping opportunities though, that I legged it over to Little India here in Penang and picked up these 4 beautiful stainless steel tiffin boxes [right]. I took a few photos of Georgetown but the light was still "meh". The Tripa peat swamp forests in Sumatra are burning, orangutans are dying and Penang entered dangerous levels of pollution. The area is being cleared for palm oil plantations, Indonesia is once again ignoring international pressure to stop the devastation their practices are causing. Last week all outdoors activities at Penang Schools were banned as a result of the pollution. 

Georgetown scenes


  1. AG tog, dis 'n gerondneukery.

  2. Oh my pigtails...I'm exhausted after reading that, all that wasted effort, but you never know, it might still be useful another time.
    Love your pics, as always.

    1. I have decided to take a break tomorrow and surprise the Tweens by taking them to lunch in Thailand. I always wanted to do something crazy and the moment has arrived. Off to check weather reports - a typhoon is heading towards Macau and I need to know whether it will affect my lunch plans.