Throw progressing nicely

Four Squares in top corner are hooked in Vinnis Nikkim Colours, edged with Vinnis Bambi. The square in the left bottom corner is hooked in Vinnis Serina, edged with Vinnis Bambi.
Vinnis Nikkim is 100% hand dyed cotton; Vinnis Serina is 100% hand dyed bamboo and Vinnis Bambi is a 100% organically grown cotton slub yarn twisted with bamboo.

Hook sizes: 
Vinnis Nikkim Colours - 5.5; Vinnis Serina - 6.5; Vinnis Bambi - 5.5

Stitch and Texture: 
Squares in hdc, edging in sc
This throw is showcasing lovely texture by using a simple pattern, 3 different kinds of yarn and 2 different hook sizes.  It is lovely to say so myself and I am still playing with the idea of joining the squares with the flat braid pattern.

 These 3 squares are hooked in cotton and the stone shows the texture of the cotton-bamboo mix

I buy my yarn from Maryna Fouche in Pretoria.  Hop over to the great I love pom-poms blog and the Facebook Craft Share page both hosted by talented Cornel Strydom for fellow hooker, Maryna's details.

 Vinnis Bambi in the metal bowl; the threads are the 3 different yarns

Have a great weekend - I am about to block more squares in order to edge them.  Cheers!


  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! *sigh*

  2. What amazing yarn, amazing colours, amazing crochet - just perfect x

  3. Vinnis...always beautiful.

  4. Thanks for all the comments - Cheers!

  5. Can I become the pattern please?

    1. Pattern:
      The 70 squares are hooked in HDC
      Ring: Ch5, close with ss.
      Row 1: Ch2 to form first stitch and then another 15hdc. Close round with ss.
      Rows 2-5: Ch2 to form first stitch and then 1hdc, 1ch, 2hdc (this is the first corner). Rest of the 3 corners 2hdc, 1ch, 2hdc. For the rest of the stitches between the corners: 1hdc in each.
      Repeat until there are 5 rounds in total.