Stirring a pot of green dye

Reminder to self: wear gloves next time!

From white/natural to green

Yarn: Vinnis Nikkim Colours, bought in these colours and will now be used to create new items with the items I dyed!

A South Korean search portal - Blog Naver has been sending a substantial number of visitors to my blog over the past year.  They have thus far "cloned" 

- one of my own projects - the Weekend in Sweden Throw
- a piece of crochet I picked up from a Thrift store (which has co-incidentally just seen the inside of the above dye pot!); and 
- one of the Teen's designs.  

Since they reference my blog and I don't sell my work, I am not objecting and the Teen feels quite flattered.  She was only 11 years old when she designed her bunny.  

Take a look:

My thrift store find and photo, blogged about here: 

The South Korean version, posted here

The Teen's Bunny, designed by herself and blogged about here and here

The South Korean Version, posted here

Have a great week - I will let you know how I utilised my newly green pieces once I have decided what to do with it.  Cheers!


  1. lovely hue of green!!!!!
    I admire your calm attitude towards that blog....my compliments!
    xxxxx Ale

    1. Ale, all hell would have broken loose had I generated an income from my work! I have also been observing a worrysome internet culture in South Africa, especially with regard to Facebook Groups. Smaller groups of ill informed and stubborn women see it as their right to share patterns - whether these carry copyright or not. Sadly this type of behavior indicates a lesser sophistication with regard to critical thinking and is a product of rote learning societies. I have now joined a few Dutch crochet groups and am over the moon with their respect for the work and $$$$ of others. Your triangles are great so by the way!

    2. Good that they're at least referencing you.
      I vented about this pattern issue in a post that was wisely left in the Drafts Folder - might be softened up and brought out at some stage. There is a wrongful sense of entitlement among these people, but alas, also in the boo, music and printed music industries.
      Lovely green you have there.

    3. Ah, that should be "book" then.

  2. What a wonderful colour. Your rabbit is fantastic too. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    1. That's true CJ! At one time I examined "copy culture" when I researched images created by children (drawings, photos etc) in the Far East and it is much more complex than people merely just copying one another. Looking at it from an Eastern perspective is quite fascinating and the discipline involved in meticulously replicating is mind blowing!

  3. Hi there, Love your home dyed yarn, it's gooooorgeous!
    And the bunny is extremely cute; creative talent seems to be present in abundance in your whole family - how wonderful!
    Have a great day, xh

    1. Thank you Haafner - I am the least creative of all. The Husband is a sculptor, painter, photographer etc and the children takes after him. Grr I am often jealous of their natural talent.

  4. Agree with all of your comments and was going to reiterate CJ's comment. That's the way to see it otherwise it could easily eat you up emotionally. At least they referenced you but they couldn't get more blatant with copying your patterns right up to styling details. Pretty special that they think so much of your work that they are compelled to copy it! That is a compliment (as long as they aren't exploiting your intellectual property by making money out of it).
    Doris Chan has recently written an article on her Everyday Crochet blog about how the CGOA Design Competition entrants are often copied by the magazines, although it seems they are more above board over there and paying their designers.

    1. The lines of right/wrong and what is truly original design etc are increasingly blurring, especially since we live in such an image saturated, information overloaded time of the WWW. For me crocheting is just a hobby so I am quite chilled as I too replicate ideas I like. It is the poor designers though who seem to be challenged by copyright infringement on a daily basis.