Assalamu Alaykum!

We now live in Doha, Qatar and wow, does it feel good to be back in Asia and the Middle East again! 
We arrived a week ago and life has since been a whirlwind of frenzied activity. We are indulging in Asian cuisine once more and are enjoying pancakes with crispy Peking duck, laksa, chicken satay, manakeesh, dried and chocolate covered fruit and nuts, Lebanese nougat and malban, Umm Ali, shish tawook and shawarma. One of our favourite spaces at the moment is Souq Waqif. The Souq is a popular and bustling destination, it offers a vibrant shopping scene, many art galleries and a multitude of atmospheric restaurants and cafes.
Souq Waqif literally translates to "the standing market". 
These police men on horseback is dressed to suit the traditional environment.

Lanterns at the Souq photographed from below. 

West Bay Doha -  Photo by Daniel Cheong

This is home, we are living on the 14th floor of a serviced hotel apartment in the Diplomatic Area. West Bay is a newly developed neighborhood and is considered one of the most prominent districts in Doha. Oh I am enjoying the pampering and luxuries that accompanies this lifestyle for a change. Our apartment boasts floor to ceiling windows with fabulous ocean views. A free shuttle service was launched to reduce traffic in the area, otherwise taxis or limo drivers are freely available. I really love, love, love being back in a city which never sleeps. It is fantastic to be able to step out any time of the day and night without having to worry about safety every step of the way. The speed and efficiency of services from the beautician at the nail bar to the shop assistants are a reminder yet again about why Asia holds the edge over Africa. 

I have, however, not forgotten about Africa and will be posting about my blanket inspired by African Mud, Soil and Sand soon. I am using 25 shades in 9 different yarns and it is a project that will keep me busy for many weeks, possibly months to come.

It is Thursday today, meaning the end of the week in the Middle East. We are off to enjoy dinner with people I actually met in South Africa prior to relocating to Qatar. They arrived some 3 weeks ago. Tomorrow we will enjoy lunch with an Egyptian family. Have a great weekend! 


  1. I admire you - i travel a lot, but I need to have a "fixed home"... Here in Belgium, we call it "having a brick in your stomach"... Home will always be here, going abroad only works for 3 weeks max...
    And moving from Africa to Asia, my dear, that is a HUGE culture shock !
    Looking forward to see pictures of the blanket !!!
    Love & drukkies from Belgium :-)

    1. I think one must be a born explorer to do this Ingrid and I also fully understand the need to have a fixed base. There is zero culture shock for us at the moment as we have lived in the Middle East for nearly a decade before and we were fully integrated into the society. Going back to SE Asia would also not be a shock but any other culture that is new to us will definitely be a shock!
      I have lot of blogreading to do - see you on yours soon!!!

  2. So glad you are finally happy Magda!!!!
    I really understand every words of your post!!!! ;oD
    Have a nice stay, xxxxxxx Ale

    1. Thank you Ale! Yes, as global nomads we have lived in the same regions of this world, although I must say you top the list with crazy cities tee hee! Hoping all is well in the land of the Nasi Goreng and wishing you luck in the relocation process. xxx

    2. thank you my dear!!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale

  3. Oh wow, I love your pictures and description of town! Amazing. Must feel great to have made the move!

    Of course I'm looking forward to seeing a sneak peek of your African inspired blanket - although I'm still not over how GORGEOUS your Maroccan blanket is, haha!

    Have lots of fun exploring your new home!


  4. My goodness, such a happy story you share with us! Must be so great to have those large windows and to eat all the tasty food. Everythingl will give you a boost of inspiration, must be busy in your head.
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  5. So wonderful to hear you are finally settled and enjoying Doha! I've always wanted to visit a souq - my husband has travelled far and wide and recounts his adventures wonderfully. I look forward to hearing more about your new life and your new creations! Chrissie x