Vintage Throw in Bamboo Cotton

Don't you just love this?! Pattern from here and here - please do not hesitate to point me towards the origin of the pattern. I do not want to land in copyright prison where punishment is having to hook endless grannies with containers full of squeaky acrylics in garish colours . . .

This is a set of high quality carbonised bamboo hooks I bought whilst we were living in Malaysia. I have realised that quality of bamboo hooks can differ tremendously between different manufacturers. I bought three bamboo hooks (in a very light colour)  from a well known manufacturer in South Africa and I disliked hooking with it intensely. It is not nearly as smooth as these in the photo and fights against the yarn in stead of having a close, very close, relationship with it.  It's gone straight to the bin. Ooops.

King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK in color Glacier. 
This is a very soft yarn in a slight sheen in 100% natural fibers.

Yarn in Doha is available from the one and only shop that sells a few skeins of yarn, the Singer Shop! Needless to say they sell and repair Singer sewing machines but also stock a limited selection of yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles and embroidery thread. The Singer shop is located next to Badie Music Studio and Stores in Al Muthaf Rd for those using Google Maps. There is no organised system of street names and postal addresses in Qatar. We explain directions via landmarks and not street signs e.g.  . . . across the road from the Pink Mosque next to the Iranian Cafe with the big tree near TV roundabout  . . .  We are used to this, it was the same in Dubai and a quirk of Middle Eastern living!  

A big Thank You to Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence for  including my Star Shaped pillow in her 20 Best 2014 Crochet Patterns for the Home!  It has not gone unnoticed and it is a great honor!

Curious to see a sneak peek of the finished African Inspired Throw?  Be sure to pop over to HelloHart!  I will do a blog posting about the blanket soon, but first I need to distance myself from it. Rows one and two were hooked together during a time when someone close to our family became critically ill and even though it remains the African Inspired Blanket, those two rows have been renamed Picking up the Pieces.

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Have a nice weekend! 


  1. Those hooks look so comfortable. Wonder why I didn't buy any hooks in Asia when I was backpacking there....
    Started follow you on IG.
    Regards, Nathaly

    1. What a pity you didn't pick up some nice hooks! Found you in Instagram too. Cheers!

  2. Hello Magda,
    Your vintage throw hase such an interesting look and the blue is very attractive.
    And... not all acrylics are squeaky :D

    1. Luckily not Andree! I managed to incorporate great acrylics and acrylic blends from http://www.elleyarns.com/ with the cotton and bamboos in the African blanket - it added all the textural elements I was looking for. I can however not quite get the squeaky ones I touched here in Doha recently out of my mind - it almost glow in the dark and is so close to being plastic, it will be perfect punishment for offenders! :D

  3. Oh my - I hopped over to HelloHart, to see your blanket...it is utterly fantastic-gorgeous-breathtaking... I am not easily amazed by a blanket (sounds snobbish, sorry, but there are a lot of crocheted blankets in the world. A lot. And they are often pretty. Sometimes very pretty. But yours.... wow. It is just perfect...)
    And I do like the pattern of your vintage throw !! It has a "lace"-feeling about it - it looks so light and delicate !!
    'n soentjie en 'n drukkie,

  4. Beautiful blanket Magda : love both the colour and the texture!!!!
    Congratulations for your cushion : a great winner!!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  5. It looks beautiful as always Magda. I love it!

  6. Magda,
    Your lightweight vintage throw is EXQUISITE.
    Thank you for the link to our blog.
    C x

  7. Your throw in progress is looking beautiful, and all those blues are lovely! I've never experienced using bamboo hooks, it's something that is still on my to do list.

    That star cushion is awesome! X

  8. very very very nice!!!!! What a wonderful pattern!!!! I'm very fascinated!!!!

  9. Oh that is going to be absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour . Looks like another of your works of art I'm going to feel compelled to make! Africa throw looks stunning!

  10. [.........................................................................................................]
    Your throw left me quite speechless.
    It's gorgeous.
    As is your African Inspired Throw!
    Your Malaysian crochet hooks look awesome. I have been looking for good bamboo hooks like everywhere, but can't seem to find the right ones. Only the kind that - indeed - fight the yarn. (Which leaves me wondering: Can one book a ticket to Malaysia in search of the perfect crochet hook? Mmm...) ;-))
    Have a great day!

  11. found this post through a barely related google image search, the throw is absolutely beautiful!! & its a shame the links dont work anymore!