Toothpicks and a Cardboard Box

Doily + toothpicks + cardboard box = blocking with minimal resources

I already have a plan to crochet a throw resembling Islamic design
Vinnis Serina in Dark Army or Army + Amanda Perkins pattern in either Clementine or Jonquil = Islamic inspired throw

Our new abode
This is the view from the l-shaped courtyard on the ground floor
There is also a rooftop patio leading from the third floor
T's a happy feeling home
We have a pink, yes a PINK kitchen for goodness sake!
Dusky pink and stone coloured tiles . . . 


  1. Now way - a PINK kitchen ?? I think have heve never seen such a kitchen in my entire life ! Photos please :-))) !
    Love your doily - what a clever idea to do the blocking with toothpicks and a piece of carton ! I always have problems finding an adequate surface.. For small things, I use the ironing board, but this is difficult for bigger stuff... And I don't like to do it on the carpets (iranian silk carpets, not something to put a wet crochet work on & prick needle pins in...;-)))
    I'm also curious for your islamic throw design ! I am fond of geometric, repeating patterns !!

  2. …. eh! eh! eh!
    ….. it's always impossible to find the "perfect home" for temporary living ….
    I remember our first flat in Cairo ….. yellow walls everywhere ( the owner didn't want to paint them in white…) and greek columns in the living room……. ;oD
    enjoy crocheting ….. and stay calm !!!!! xxxxxxxx Ale

  3. Beautiful photos, structures and views, looking forward to your upcoming designs!
    A pink kitchen... How does it feel to prepare meals in there?
    Anyway, hope you will have a wonderful new week ahead!

  4. I love the pictures - "only blocking" and the photos are stunning.

  5. oh dat is een bangelijk goed idee. Bedankt daarvoor!!!

  6. ~ ♥ ~ Love the way you see the world through the lens. Can´t wait to see and read more thoughts from You. Happy Tuesday ~ ♥ ~

  7. What a great idea! This doily looks like a spider! always amazed by the beauty of his compositions! within you a great artist! and also the scarf is lovely! have a nice day!

  8. He heee at least it is not candy pink but a dusky / old rose pink and because the court yard walls outside is a light terracotta, it reflects a warm light into the kitchen. Pity the cupboards are Mahogany grrr The single tall standing grocery cupboard in white is much more suitable to the space. I will have to see how I can make this kitchen mine, at least it is fairly new and very neat. When landlords develop solely for the rental market, it is best to stick to white bathrooms and kitchens . . . Ale, I had to laugh at those walls of yours, I know exactly what Cairo yellow looks like. Charming paired with aqua on the outside of weathered buildings, on the inside - hell no!

  9. Your new house looks absolutely amazing. Lovelovelove it! It's so much fun making a new house your own. Actually, dusky pink sounds rather fab too, although I can image the mahogany cupboards are a bit of a challenge. But you'll make it work, no doubt about it. ;-)
    All the best from chilly Netherlands, xhaafner