Shawl Love

Hello!  I hooked this beautiful lacy shawl for The Teen over the past week using a yarn that I have been eager to try out for months since I bought a few balls prior to leaving South Africa earlier this year. African Expressions Soul is a 4 ply/sock weight yarn in merino wool, mulberry silk and kid mohair. According to their website - 

"African Expressions was born from the desire for Africa to share her natural beauty with the rest of the world. Through our unique range of yarns we express the essence of that which makes Africa magical. Our range of select colours is inspired by the landscapes of South Africa - from sunrise to sunset. Each colour represents one small element that makes Africa, Africa. Our heart and soul is knitted firmly into Africa and would like to invite you to join us in this “African Expressions” Experience."

Brenda Grobler designed the most beautiful pull over for African Expressions. It is a great pity that I only brought 6 balls along, but i have bookmarked her pattern and really want to try it out!

The Teen is in seven heavens and has already worn her shawl with an off-the shoulder velvet top and a maxi skirt in a sheer fabric with the "above the knee" part lined but the rest of the skirt left flowy and see through. The complete look is utterly stunning and I am so sorry for not posting a picture, but I you can help me catch a Teen for a photo op . . . . 

Images :RawRustic and Own

Pattern: Eva's Shawl by Milobo available for free from Ravelry
Hook Size: 5mm in  order to achieve this lacy effect with a sock weight yarn
Yarn: Soul from African Expressions in two colourways. Body is worked in a solid army green/grey colour code 7289 and I then edged in a stripey version where this army green/grey is combined with blue code 7042M  The effect of this yarn is quite mesmerizing! 
Hook Size: 5mm in  order to achieve this lacy effect with a sock weight yarn

Images: RawRustic and Own


  1. Ek is baie, baie lief vir die kleure in hierdie fotos... So soet, so kalm... En jou shawl (ik ken die woord nie in afrikaans nie ;-)) is pragtig !! Ek kan begryp jou dogtertjie is bly om dit te dra !! Het jy lang gewerk om die shawl klaar te kry ? Hij lyk so geweldig groot !
    Drukkies, Ingrid

  2. Amazing, how simple and how beautiful at the same time.

  3. So beautiful Magda! I like the way you choose the yarn and the shade is amazing!

  4. Heel stijlvolle shawl en past waarschijnlijk overal bij, Mooi! :)

  5. I love this shawl Magda! Modern look and beautiful x x

  6. Thank you everyone! The centre part is actually straight and lines up beautifully, but I pinned the shawl to the wall with prestic/blue tack and had to take a pic before it came loose - no time to straighten it!

  7. Hi Magda,

    Jou shawl lyk absoluut stunning. Soul is 'n fantastiese jaarn om mee te werk. Wil net gou noem, ek het oneindige probleme met my blogger account gehad. Ek moes noodgedwonge verander na Wordpress toe. My nuwe adres is:




  8. Oh wow, that's not a shawl, that's a dream! The colours, the softness, the pattern - just WOW!
    I can imagine she is very happy with it and I'm sure the complete look is stunning indeed.
    Thanks for sharing!