Winding yarn is a wonky affair!

Hello! This is the start of a dainty scarf in lacy Merino yarns from Madeline Tosh and Eden Cottage. After many evenings of winding yarn before I could put hook to project, I have to admit that it is a dreadful task for impatient peoples like me. I still have so many skeins to wind from hank to cake and even though the Girl Teen is assisting, it remains a huge task when the yarn is slighter thicker than cotton thread and over 600 meters long! 

I am using two strands together to create the colourful flowers and one strand in neutral to join it all together. After many trials and errors with regard to the pattern, I have come to realise that frogging and these delicate yarns are clearly also not the best of friends. That said, now that I have settled on a pattern and understand where to join the squares together, it is an enjoyable, beautiful project.

Don't you just love Instagram?  I really enjoy sitting back from time to time to take a look at all the photos I have liked.  That in itself is a great indication of what one likes with regard to photography, styling, craft, mood, travelling, food and many more. These are some of the beautiful images I have liked over the past month.

Have a great weekend, I will spent mine with the family at a beach club here in Doha and also finalise itineraries for our summer holiday to be spent travelling Croatia extensively. At first we were going to travel Sweden and the Netherlands, but when the Teens mentioned the beach word, I told them to identify a must visit place with the help of Google Earth. The result was Croatia after they saw the islands, the beaches, the national parks and the beautiful towns and cities. The country has been on my bucket list too, so all in all we will have a whale of a time! Have you been to Croatia?


  1. Your scarf will be beautiful. Colors are fantastic. I'm looking forward to the final effect :)
    I was in Croatia over 10 years ago with my friends. We went there by car - cinquecento ;) From Poland :) without plan, without place to stay and without mobile phones. Finally we stopped in Krk and we visited all Krk island in few days. It was very nice time.
    Greetings from sunny Poland :)

    1. Hi Magdalena, I finalised our itinerary last weekend, booked all the accommodation via airbnb and started counting the days until departure! Croatis seems stunningly beautiful and I am readying myself to experience what I anticipate will be the best travel trip of my life!

  2. Enjoy your travels. I look forward to seeing your travel snaps on the blog.
    Thanks for describing the way in which Instagram helps you. You have some beautiful images there.
    I have avoided Instagram for two reasons: firstly (and mainly), my computer is old and slow so loading pages of photos takes too long (I am impatient too!); secondly, I feel like my brain is already bursting with trying to remember online accounts and learning new social media platforms so that I am too lazy to start learning something else right now with so many other activities on the go.
    As a non-Instagrammer, it interests me to know how it can be used to good effect instead of as a time waster. From your post, it appears to be a great way to curate images. How does it compare with Pinterest for that purpose? Whatever happens, please continue to share your favourite photos on your blog. They are always artistic and interesting.
    Meanwhile, you have my sympathies with the yarn winding (I have a hank of silk mohair to wind so I hear what you are saying!) and safe travels. :-)

    1. Oooo good luck with that Mohair!!!! I have been ignoring Instagram for a very long time, but I find it a quick way to connect at a time when I don't have a lot of time. IT is like blogging and pinteresting rolled into one, but on a more basic level. One cannot collect images though. Instagram only displays the latest photos one like and deletes older ones. I think the key is not to follow too many people, but to be selective so that one always see the best.

  3. Thank you, you occupy a beautiful not to mention informative space in blogosphere!