Norwegian Woods

The Project
~ a breathtakingly beautiful lacy blanket titled Norwegian Woods. 

The Pattern
~ tutorial on YouTube by Jachelle Stephanie. I am hoping to receive feedback from her soon confirming whether she was also the designer of the pattern. A chart is available on Jachelle's Instagram, but beware that the corners differ slightly to the YouTube tutorial I followed.

The Inspiration
~ the mood captured by @camillalboe from Norway and the beautiful black exterior houses of Scandinavia. Photo credits: Camilla 

The edge
~ improvised!

Fiber Meditations
~ I have been searching for the perfect black fiber for close to two years and was about to order black hemp string online, when my eye spotted a few sample balls produced by my friend Hester, the force behind MoYa Yarn. It was instant love and without a doubt the most suitable yarn for the project. MoYa is a high twist hand dyed organic cotton with the added benefit that it does not split, the ends do not fray and once woven in, also do not unravel. Perfect!

Black Tweed has the potential to become my signature yarn if I ever decide to take the leap and do what I really should and want to do, i.e. hook in stark non-colours. I am the bearer of bad news though, this yarn is not (yet) available for sale.    


  1. Gorgeous !
    Thanks for the visit !
    Have a nice weekend !

  2. That looks great! Nice colour and beautiful pattern!

  3. Thank you for your message on my blog!
    I love your blanket! It's gorgeus!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Prachtig! Mooi garen ook.

  5. mysterious color...
    like a mystery in your kaleidoscope of photos ....
    beautiful !

  6. Another stunner Magda, you've thrilled us again. x

  7. This color way in this design is fabulous. How can you tease us so when the yarn is not available! A beautiful job and design.

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