Life as Global Nomad, Ethnographer, Humanist, Researcher, Global Learning Specialist and Cyber Anthropologist couldn't be more interesting! Our living experiences include South Africa, Dubai,  Penang and Doha with the family also straddling Hanoi, Bangkok and Mumbai. We are currently based in Qatar and have traveled to and photographed 40 fabulous countries across Europe, Asia and Africa to date.

I enjoy doing sensory, visual and virtual ethnographic research and am interested in how craft and photography (through Photovoice and Image Elicitation) can be utilised during research, eventually leading to the empowerment of the marginalised. On a professional level I am Head of Research for a global organisation concerned with the development of innovative solutions in the field of sport safety, security, integrity and development.

Apart from the links in the sidebar (be sure to visit my Flipboard crochet magazine!) you can also find me on two academic blogs Visual- and Sensory Ethnography and Virtual Ethnography. Welcome to my blog, please sit back with a frappe, cappuccino or latte and enjoy!

Silly moment whilst unpacking in Penang, Malaysia after living some 4 months+ out of a suitcase.


  1. I found your blog yesterday and I'm totally in love with it :-)) Your work is just beautiful.

    I think you might like this crochet blog: http://clothogancho.canalblog.com/, I checked your blogroll and I haven't seen it there. In a way it is similar to yours: hand dyed yarn, simple patterns, unbelievably beautiful results.

    1. Thank you Olga! I had a look at the blog you recommend and you are so right, absolutely gorgeous work. Have a great week xxx

  2. ~ ♥ ~ Magda is your name? Beautiful ^:^
    Yeah, me too actually, I found your blog last night and so fascinate with your story. Many places you have been, I was there too. Great to be connected and yeah, thank you for being the first to join my blog.
    Have a wonderful Sunday ~ ♥ ~