48 Square "Little Karoo" Throw Finished!

Good evening from a chilly Western Cape Province in South Africa. Eeek I don't like Winter so by the way - roll on Spring and Summer! Having lived in the VERY hot Middle East and also the Tropics of South East Asia over the past 10 years means that the winter temperatures are killing me at the moment. I hibernate - hook, read, sleep, eat . . .  

The Little Karoo throw is finally finished. I absolutely adored hooking this throw with the amazing 100% Vinnis Colours Nikkim and selected the following colours to create the 48 squares: Blue Grey; Sea Green; Sage; Natural; Pacific Blue; Midnight; Stone; Blue Canard; Dunes; Slate; Khaki and Navy.  I joined the squares in Midnight via a technique so wonderfully illustrated by Carina. It is such an easy way to join squares that I can almost kick my own butt for not trying out the method on earlier projects. 

I have already started hooking the Tween's throw titled "Bollywood" and no matter how I entice, beg, explain, beg again - The Tween is adamant that she wants "Bollywood" in the exact same pattern than the above "Little Karoo" and only gave me the opportunity to try out a different joining method. O boy, I hope I won't get too bored doing more of the same. The repetition might just kill me but at least the colours couldn't be more different.  I will show you soon . Cheers!


  1. Baie mooi gekom. Ken nie die joining technique? gebruik Attic 24 se join-as-you-go in laaste rondte, moet bietjie kyk hoe dit vergelyk.

  2. Very pretty! The colors compliment each other well!

  3. Beautiful! Do you already know how many skeins you used?

  4. Hi Jolien, as far as I can remember I used about 22 skeins (50gr each).