Tutorial: Hiding Chain Stitches on Granny Squares between the rows

Hello, Hi, Hiya, Bonjour, Dumela, Asalaama Alaikum, Hej, Namaste and more! When I decided to forego my beloved pentagon and hexagon patterns in favour of hooking the "Little Karoo" throw in a basic square a month ago, I simply couldn't remember at what stitch to start and end a Granny Square. In hindsight I am glad since the majority of squares start and end each row in such a way that the chain stitches that form the first US dc are highly noticeable throughout the project.  Below are a few photos detailing the way I start my squares which also happen to hide the joins 100% - a pattern that emerged out of not knowing how others do it. Anyway, it might also be that this method is well known but I haven't surfed the tinternet yet to verify, so this is the Pigtails join for the time being. 

You will also notice that I do not put a chain stitch between my clusters in order to keep the squares tight and uniform.  I also only chain 2 instead of 3 stitches in order to create a US dc. I demonstrate by joining a new colour but the method remains the same irrespective of colour changes.

 In corner, ch 4. These will form one US dc and the 2 ch to create the corner.

Now create a cluster by hooking 3 dc. The corner will thus consist of 4 chains and the next set of clusters. 

Hook clusters all around.  I create my 4 corners by hooking ch 2 between clusters and not ch 3 as some do.

Once you have hooked a row around the square, simply hook another 2 US dc in the corner. You will cover the base of the first 4 chains you started with somewhat [it might feel wrong] which is exactly what you wanted. No-one will be able to detect where you started and ended your rows.

 Slip stitch into chain to close round - as seen above and below.

Now simply ch 4 again in order to start the next round. 

I hope my tutorial makes sense, I am not exactly the best tutorial writer where hooking is concerned. Have a great day - the sun is shining here and the weather is pleasant for a change. I am off for more tea-garden hooking and another fabulous Lemon Meringue South African style as seen below. Cheers!


  1. Hi dear friend, Thank you very much for the tutorial. It was very neccessary for me expecially..:))
    Thank you very much.. And all best days...:))

  2. Read a nice post semi-recently comparing grannies with different spacings, eg no or 1 chain between cluster, also nr of ch in corner, even making corners with longer stitches, eg 2dc 1 tr 2ch 1 tr 2 dc (don't like that one.) I also use 2 ch for the corners, but 1 ch between side clusters. The tighter granny would especially be nice for cushions etc.
    And the hook can make a huge difference...I'm using a 4.5 with DK Vinnis now for a soft, floppy blanket, whereas I would rather use a 4 or even 3.5 when making a bag or cushion. What hook size did you use here?

  3. I once read that in order to keep the giant granny [throws] square from the center to the outer edges and to prevent it from becoming wavy nearer the ends, it is better to hook without a ch between the clusters. I guess I also don't have the patience to add the ch anyway. I used hook size 4 here and am doing the same size again with another throw. Seems to work just great for these but I also like bigger or smaller hook sizes depending on project. Cheers!

  4. nice tutorial, but there is a much simpler way, that doesnt use chains, just start each row with a standing double crochet, and you will never know where your start or end ist. I use it all the time :)