Ball and sort of a Holdall

My fingers did the walking and before I knew it, I was hooking away on a Pentagon. I am hooking a big ball, a rolypoly pillow seat, yip another one! My fourth and I still think this is the one item I want to be associated with in the land of hooky - huge roly poly pillow seats.

 The ball will again consist of 12 Pentagons, each measuring 15cm from any of it's corners to the center or alternatively 30cm across and the final ball will hold nearly 2 normal pillows [the kind we sleep on] worth of stuffing.

This is a teaser of some of the Vinnis Colours Nikkim 100% hand dyed cotton I am using. I am following instinct, combining sc, hdc and dc stitches and simply enjoy the motion of going round and round and round.

Don't you just love my fabulous leather bag in which I can stuff a whole project, my I-pad, a camera and still have space left over for shopping?!  Thanks to the Husband I am now the proud owner of this great holdall. I love Tsonga, the shop where this bag comes from.  The Tsonga stores and project is all about a "A thread of hope" - it is yet another upliftment project involving a community of women who will eventually pass on their skills to ensure a real future for their children. Check it out.

Have a great weekend. Cheers!


  1. Oh, where to begin?! I love that yarn - the texture, the colours - I'll have to check whether they export... yes please! Love the pentagon & I'm smitten with the pigs: adorable.

  2. The yarn is absolutely amazing! I refuse to hook with anything else but Vinnis Nikkim Colours or Elle Premier. The Vinnis is pure luxury, you have to try it!

  3. The pentagon is lovely and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous!