Frogging and a fab find

Bonjour, Good Morning, Asalaama Alaikum, Hej! 

After completing a quarter of the pentagons for the stripey roly poly pillow seat [giant crochet ball], I decided that the random stripes in random stitches wasn't doing it for me. The subtle colour changes in the handspun, hand dyed yarn sadly disappeared in the pattern.  It looked 'meh'.

One of the new Pentagons - there will be 12 colour combinations in total

I decided to frog the lot and start again with a simpler pentagon.  The new ones are hooked using 4 colours, 4 rows per colour for a cleaner colour blocking look and feel.  I fell in love with the new effect straight away and will be visiting the yarn shop in another hour to pick up two more colours to add to a more vibrant look. Take a look at the above photo to see the variation in the yarn, I am HOOKED on hand dyed cotton - it is scrummy!

Another pentagon was taking up space in my handbag during a trip to town recently and woopeee, the below bowl jumped out of the shelves, sporting the exact same colours of that specific pentagon.  Of course the bowl belongs to The Teen now. On my way to the yarn shop, I am once again popping into the same shop to see whether there are any new stock . . . ;-)

 See how the crochet pentagon matches the colours of the bowl!

Cheers, have a great Friday and weekend!


  1. so beautiful indeed!!!!
    happy weekend, xxx Ale

    1. Thank you - I now have 5 finished and it is starting to look great.