OMG it has been many weeks since I last connected with you!  We have relocated, but are still stuck in South Africa. The husband is looking after the office's ME, North Africa and Indian affairs BUT from behind his desk in SA rather than Asia for the moment.  The internet [or lack thereof] is still a massive frustration.  I have no idea when we will be connected and here in SA wi-fi hotspots are also few and far between.

I just saw an interesting comment from Diaper Mum below and will be popping over in another few minutes to take a look.  Sounds fabulous and thank you so much in advance!  Welcome also to all my new followers.

I have been hooking 2 great bags in the African flower pattern and will load detailed pics soon. Sneak peek:

PS: The pic on the left bottom corner is of the reverse side to show you how neat I hook ;-)

Meanwhile, I snapped pics of our home with my mobile phone and attach these [in the absence of the great street shots I planned to take in Mumbai]. Internet time running out, soooo sorry. Cheers!

Lounge & dining


Main bedroom [above]

 The Girl Teen [above], the boy Tween [below]

 Pantry, kitchen, bathroom [above], more study [below]


  1. I like your african flowers motif so much.. I don't know how to make but I have to learn immediately..
    Very beautiful..:))

  2. Looking forward to your bags. I like the African flower a lot, and you make them of beautiful colours!!!
    Greetings Ellebel

  3. Such a beautiful pattern! :) And really nice details of your home, I like all of them. :)

  4. Well, I'm glad you're back!
    Looks like you've done a great job settling in your new house. :-)
    The African flowers are very nice, lovely colours... Looking forward to see the bags.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Your home looks fabulous!

    Don't even mention the internet here- it's all promises, promises....

  6. Very nice AF's.
    Have you tried using prepaid - we use the Eita 60+60G as backup as the ADSL is...vulnerable. It's quick and reliable, just a high once-off cost.