A throw in progress inspired by my beaded bangles

We finally got hooked up to the Internet yesterday!

This is me as seen through the eyes of  The Teen. She used the Sketchbook X app to create this moment of frustration and happiness rolled into one pic.

What am I up to in the land of hooky?

Hooky Inspiration 

Two beaded bangles I bought in Dubai many years ago from a South African stall. 

The Idea

A throw reflecting these pretty bangles.  I used the amazing doceri app on my iPad to fill in the squares with my chosen colours to get an idea of the end-product. 
The design is by Pertinitaco from the Crocheting my Brains out blog. I love that blogtitle so by the way.  Head over and check out her title and masthead!

The Work In Progress

I am using my beloved Vinnis Nikkim Colours,  hand-dyed 100% cotton in colours Stone, Midnight, Orange, Lime, Tangerine and Kingfisher. 

Cheers!  I am logging off now as I am about to upgrade to Windows 8 and wanted to do a blog posting before I explore an exciting new operating system. Have a great weekend!


  1. wow this is going to be a nice throw!
    (I dont App but like the 'plan'!)

  2. Gorgeous colours and from such a beautiful source of inspiration! I can't wait to see the result! Kind of a creative junkie myself, I find it hard to focus on any one process for long, so I'm always bouncing around with a bunch of WIPs in the wings. Just found your blog and am totally following!

    1. Tee hee,I FORCE myself to focus but it is not easy. I also would live to try more subdued colours and work more with interesting textures, but my fingers grab colours each time I plan something.

    2. Wooo I just checked out your awesome blog, jampacked with inspiration and fabulous yarns!

  3. Ooo what a nice prospect. Will see what I can do and welcome here too!

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  5. Having seen this you have got me buying yarn for me to crochet this pattern!

    Thanks for vising me this week x