Doilies and Mandalas

Hello! I have seen the most beautiful doilies in blogland recently, but realised that maybe, just maybe I should be investing in a book. I find that I am either too stupid to make sense of some of the stitches or challenged by all the different languages patterns are written in. Many of the patterns are in languages I struggle to understand, even with Google Translate switched on (Bing translate is rubbish!) I am able to hook in Afrikaans, English, Swedish, German, French and Dutch - anything else becomes challenging! Please feel free to recommend a doily/mandala/potholder crochet book.

These doilies/mandalas are hooked in basic patterns, but it gave me an idea of how much yarn and time these type of projects consume. I like the result, but certainly want to do more intricate doily hooky work.  I love reading Haafner's fabulous blog - she always has a drool-worthy doily on the hooks! Busy Fingers Busy Life's Rosetta is also something I want to cast on my hooks soon.

I will post pictures of another bigger and colourful mandala later.  We will be travelling overseas later this month and next month and I need to ensure that I have posts lined up to keep my Pigtails space active whilst we will be away. 

Have a great week, cheers!

Aunt Aggie's Trivets as found on Ravelry; Little Spring Mandala by Barbara Langer also found on Ravelry and Lacy Doily as Published in the Ideas Magazine 
Hook-size: 4mm
Yarn: Vinnis Nikkim 100% hand dyed cotton in Grey 511

Doily photos my own. Other pics from Pinterest


  1. these are beautiful!
    I don't have a book recommendation, but am in awe of these.

  2. beautiful doilies! love the grey shades.

  3. Never knew grey would look so awesome! Love your mandalas and doilies..

  4. Absolutely love your doilies! The grey is amazing.
    Regarding a book, let me think... there's none in particular that comes to my mind. Well, there are the Japanese crochet books of course! I love them and they often contain great doily patterns.
    And I like to improvise doilies. (And always want to write the pattern down afterwards, and always fail to do so.)

    Have a great day, Haafner
    PS. Oh, and thanks for your sweet words about my little blog. Too kind, really!

  5. Beautiful doilies, love the grey!
    I -almost- never use books, I love the old doily patterns (there are 1000 and more of them) and they are all for free.

  6. Thank you everyone! I really enjoy hooking these and Haafner gifted my a lovely book from which I already hooked 3 lovely doilies (I will post later). These are such rewarding projects, I am taking a break from hooking throws at the moment although the last one is very nearly finished too!

  7. love your doilies and all your other colour combinations.
    will come back when I have more time.