Hello! Yesterday we enjoyed breakfast and roamed the streets of charming Cullinan, the small town famous for the mining of diamonds, more specifically the Cullinan diamond here in South Africa. I stumbled upon a treasure trove of a shop - Rust in White - and boy, did I shop! Mind you, I did not shop nearly enough and even though I will display my loot in two different postings, I will be back to pick up some more! 

First of all this shop sells a lot of scrummy contemporary as well as vintage hooky goodies and I picked up the most beautiful vintage item that blew me away with it's fine work and the simplicity of the design. I used a skein of my Vinnis Nikkim in the photo (above) to give you an idea of how delicate the piece is.

The shop also sells an array of new and rusty enamel items and I spotted a yellow "box thing" sitting outside in the backyard that I just knew would be perfect to hang on a wall in our house in order to display some of the husband's sculptures in a completely new way. I added the skeins of yarn to the photo for the sake of scale.

I also have my eye on figurines from the Cameroon in West Central Africa that I know would look fabulous displayed on top of the yellow "box thing". A visit to the African market is thus on the to-do list this month as well (especially since I also collect wooden bowls for the kitchen from Grace who sells these at the market).  I asked the owner of the shop in Cullinan whether they knew what the yellow box was used for, but nope, they had no idea.  I picked it up for less than 6$ (USD) woop woop! 

The below collages are photos taken at the shop (not my loot!!) 

Have a great week, cheers!


  1. Very nice post!I like so much a crocher heart!

    1. The crochet hearts were so nice to look at - they are about the size of a big dinner plate!

  2. ...wonderful inspiring pictures!!!!

    Thank you for your comment :O)

    I just wanted to explain, that we don't go to Sweden. We call "ikea" Sweden, so we go to "ikea"... ;O)

    I like your blog very much!

    1. Tee hee for myself! Well Katja, whether it is visiting Stockholm or Ikea, either one will go down very well with me now. Enjoy, I miss shopping for my basics in Ikea!

  3. Oh that crochet looks lovely! I love all the pictures of the shop you have taken!!