Bloglovin, google reader, etsy and so forth

Hello! I have been largely ignoring the web furor regarding the axing of Google Reader from 1 July 2013. That is, until this morning, when I took a hike through Bloglovin land, coffee in left hand, Baktus WIP on lap and reading glasses resting on my nose. I love Bloglovin, it is a friendly, modern space and I realised that this was where I prefer finding new blogs and content to feed my hooky interests.

Bloglovin is currently referring to a few articles advising readers on how to Keep your Google Reader Subscribers.  Well, it took me less than a minute to import all my readers into Bloglovin land.  It really is easy as pie - Click this button and follow the prompts.  It took me all of 60 seconds to  update Bloglovin with the blogs I follow via Google Reader.  MissDriftedSnowhite penned a great article about Bloglovin as Google Friend Connect Replacement.

Did you know that the African Flower was not designed by two South Africa ladies as so many hookers assume after the pattern was published in Afrikaans in a local magazine?  I too was under the impression that this is a unique South African design but during a conversation with Lauren Fraser of the fabulous Etsy shop 2ndlookvintage in April this year (I am nuts over her vintage handbag designs and posted about the patterns a year ago), she pointed out that it was known as the Paperweight motif and was created by Dorothy Neidhardt. 

The motif originally appeared on the cover and in an article titled "Gorgeous Granny Square Afghans" in the September 1986 issue of Woman's Day magazine published in the US. Lauren told me her mother owned a needle shop in California from 1962-1992 and she inherited a very worn copy of the magazine in which the pattern was printed from her.

Thank you for the info and conversation Lauren, I hope to be hooking your bags sooner rather than later.  Your shop is fabulous!


  1. thanks to your post here on bloglovin and with the correct click links you gave I joined... it was as easy as pie... I think!!??? lol!

  2. thanks for sharing that information♥♥♥
    xo, martina

  3. Well, well, what a great post! I am glad Bloglovin is easy peasy, maybe I will use it, maybe. For now I think WordPress reader works fine. Thanks for your story about the African Flower, seems - almost - everybody is nuts about it.

  4. Wordpress is a much better domain than blogger and one can do so much more on it! However, I am stuck here with a silly name now LOL. I will move to wordpress when I have the guts to change my name tee hee

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    1. My dear, thank you for that youtube-link on my blog. So true...
      I hug you and your friend!!!!
      XXX, Martina♥

    2. Thank you Martina, we walk this journey with so many women and each of them and you are truly inspirational!

  6. Hi Pigtails,

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I enjoyed them very much!! Love your crocheted flowers. Such a beautiful pattern and sweet colours!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x