Mind the Gap!

Hah!  Anyone in need of a new set of chompers? 

Don't despair, in South Africa they sell these on the street corner of your nearest town! What on earth is the story behind this picture? (Apologies for the poor quality of the snapshot, sun shining from front etc and I snapped him after a split second decision)
Well, in South Africa there are peoples who prefer pulling their teeth to create an errrr  so called "passion gap"!!  Maybe this man from another ethnic group was taking advantage of the situation by selling teeth to those who decided they'd rather close said gap ;-)
Oh, you have to read these two articles, it is a fascinating culture and who knows what the truth really is all about, all we know is that there are a substantial number of peoples roaming the streets sporting selected toothless grins in South Africa!

The pics below are to show you what parts of South Africa look like. Many of these were shot through the windscreen during a roadtrip




  1. Love gap story is great. Lovely pictures!

  2. Your pictures are just so stunning, what a lovely culture.