Skinny Crochet Baktus Scarf

This is a sneak peek of my own version of the Baktus Scarf which is normally knitted and increased every 4 rows.  I am trying my hand at a skinny version and am increasing only every 8 rows (always on the same side so that one side is straight whilst the other increase and then decrease to form a triangle) 

Vinnis Bambi in Clouds
Vinnis Nikkim in Lime
Hook Size: 4,5
Stitch: single crochet

I will most definitely be blocking the scarf in order to achieve sharp sides. I am working in two different yarns, hence the slight unevenness at the moment. Hmmm I think it will be lovely and very wearable once finished. I promise to hook the next project in anything but green, in fact I am thinking of Raspberry pink for a change! 

A big hello also to all my new members, it is always great to connect with new hookers and crafters and I appreciate your interest. Thank you!


  1. this scarf looks great!!!!
    xxxx Ale

    1. Thank you Ale - as you know South East Asia is too hot for wearing scarves, I am having fun here in Africa with all the scarf wearing opportunities!