Raw Rustic Cotton and Bamboo Throw!

Good Morning from a sunny Mother Africa!  The Throw that I have been working on for a while ('cause I ran out of yarn and so did my supplier) is finally finished - well that is apart from the weaving in of ends that is still happening . . .  It is such a soft, beautiful throw and I enjoyed every minute of the process from selecting the colours to deciding upon the appropriate hook sizes, joining methods and edging. I have made about 4 different postings about this project over the past weeks and attach the links below where appropriate. 


The 70 squares are hooked in HDC
Ring: Ch5, close with ss. 
Row 1: Ch2 to form first stitch and then another 15hdc. Close round with ss. 
Rows 2-5: Ch2 to form first stitch and then 1hdc, 1ch, 2hdc (this is the first corner). Rest of the 3 corners 2hdc, 1ch, 2hdc. For the rest of the stitches between the corners: 1hdc in each. 
Repeat until there are 5 rounds in total.
See my posting On the Hook! where I blogged about the idea and stitches


 hand-dyed cottonbamboo and cotton-bamboo mix
See my posting titled Wabi Sabi for more about inspiration for projects and yarn choices

Joining Method

I absolutely fell in love with the joining method I used for this throw.  I will be writing more about the method in another posting and will also refer you to a YouTube tutorial by someone else that thoroughly showcases this easy but visually appealing method. 
At first I was interested in joining the squares via the flat braid method, but I realised that the method was not suitable to a highly textured yarn.


I tried out a lattice edge in two different sizes - 3 chains as well as with 5 chain lattice but discarded the effort as I felt a simple edging would be more suitable to the yarn. The final edging consist of 3 rows hdc in the bamboo/cotton yarn and one row sc in the cotton.  The hooksizes suitable to these yarns are 3,75-4,5 mm.  I however hooked the throw in 5,5 and 6,5 mm - using the 6,5 mm for the lightest in weight in order to achieve the texture I was after.


I steam blocked the squares in a rather rustic manner on a block made of nails and a rustic piece of wood 
See my posting titled Why I blocked all my squares for more information on the process

Stitch and Texture 

Squares in hdc, edging in sc
This throw is showcasing lovely texture by using a simple pattern, 3 different kinds of yarn and 2 different hook sizes.  It is lovely to say so myself and I am still playing with the idea of joining the squares with the flat braid pattern.
See my posting titled Progress where I blogged about the yarn and texture

I will post about the next wip on my hooks soon!  This time it is a modern looking Baktus stripey scarf in single crochet. I have a soft spot for the Baktus knitted scarfs that made the rounds among the Norwegian blogs a while back and designed a skinny version in single crochet to achieve the minimalist look I am after.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! The colours are just so perfect! :D

  2. Wow - I was looking forward to seeing the final throw.
    And I love it! A lot...

    Great job. Love to see your next wip!

  3. Stunning! I absolutely love the colors and the yarn.
    I'm fond of natural yarns!!!

  4. Gorgeous colors, so well chosen!

  5. Really lovely cool colours for the Summer. Looks great.

  6. Amazong! So inspiring and beauiful. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am a big fan :)

  7. very good job!So nise sea colors...

  8. I've just discovered bamboo cotton, and it feels lovely to crochet with...so soft and it has its own specific texture which feels yum!

  9. Hi Magda. I am teaching myself to crochet and my first project is your granny square blanket. However while your square a beautifully uniform mine have a noticible loop where I chain 2 to start a new row. Would you have any advice?

  10. is this the same pattern in your most recent instagram post? both are beautiful! this one looks like a watercolor! thanks for sharing! Good health to you and your husband!

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