Joining Squares with Dc2Tog

What will a hooker be if she is not able to learn and display a variety of techniques? Without a career interesting crochet work that is for sure!

This hooker loves the creative process in joining squares as much as hooking the squares in the first place. There are so many different joining techniques to choose from - from flatter to decorative to textured joins - most which I still need to master. At first I thought that the flat braid would be a perfect choice for the raw rustic cotton bamboo throw, but I soon realised that this method is not suitable to the textured Bambi yarn I was using.  The Vinnis Bambi yarn called for a simple joining method in order to add structure to the project as well as showcase the yarn the best. I soon identified the Dc2Tog stitch as the perfect choice and what a pleasure hooking this method turned out to be!

Tanis Galik put a great video together demonstrating two different joining methods - the DC2Tog is explained from time 1,33 min - 3,12 min. The DC2Tog joining also added quite substantially to the size of the throw - hmmmm what's not to like about that!

 Lastly for all my friends living in the Netherlands - Vinnis Bambi is available to you via Scaapi! 

Photo: Scaapi

I used this specific Silver Green colour for my Little Woollie scarf (photo below) - it is a gorgeous colour. Happy shopping, it is the perfect yarn to work with during the European summer!


  1. thank you and happy weekend,
    xxxx Ale

  2. Oooo nice! I will definitely try this technique, it looks like
    its very useful. I cannot see it but does it create a ridge on the right side?
    Have a great evening and I would love to invite you to my link party every Thursday to Sunday! It would be great to share this technique!


    1. Hi Barbara - the ridge is on the right side, but according to the Youtube tut, it can be done on the wrong side for a different look as well. I will link,again - cheers!

  3. I like double crochet joining, and I usually like it on the right side as it is pretty!