Easter Bunny a.k.a. Cabbage Rabbit

Aha, aha the postman has finally arrived with new bamboo hooks for The Tween and I, and a ball of "Thickish" (as described on the website she ordered it from) yarn for The Tween. She is in hooky heaven and set out straight away with her planned Easter Bunny named "Cabbage Rabbit". Oh boy, we have forgotten what thick yarn really looks and feels like since we have been hooking with "thinnish", errr very thinnish yarn until now, meaning we hook and hook and hook . . . forever to complete something of a decent size. Nearly 10 years of living first in the desert and now in the tropics also mean that we don't really touch woolly things either so are not on the ball so to say with regards to balls of yarn. The Tween designed her own pattern and if I keep on asking her, I have a sneaky suspicion she will write and illustrate the pattern for sharing. I will give you a sneak peek so long:

In true Easter weekend style we also popped over to a nearby cafe for some afternoon tea, or rather afternoon coffee for the parents and chocolate melting pots for The Tweens. It was strangely rather empty, we are used to elbowing the crowds for a table at this wonderful cafe. We tucked into nibbles and was well sated by the time we were finished with the last crumb of cake. Will you believe it, as soon as we got back home the Dude Tween asked me to prepare Tom Kha Gai, one of his favourite Thai dishes. I didn't think he had space in his small tummy for any more food after the cake feast but alas the two of us then prepared this fantastic Thai "soup" made of chicken in coconut milk infused with galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves and served it on a fragrant steamed rice. See SheSimmers for a great and easy recipe. 

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