Travels: Chios Island

We love islands, island holidays, island living . . . In the first place any sense of urgency simply does not exist, it is all about chilling and taking life as is. In the second place locals are really friendly and relaxed. Island lifestyle is all about enjoying lazy afternoon siestas and sipping copious amounts of strong coffees and freshly squeezed juices, iced teas and homemade lemonades under shady trees, on the beach or at the nearest town square after a morning of swimming, snorkeling or exploring. 

Chios is a fascinating, rugged island, a destination which we have been fortunate enough to visit twice. The first time the kids and I went for a month when they were just over 2 and 4 years old and The Husband couldn't come along due to work commitments.  What made this visit most memorable was the opportunity  I was given to learn the finer tricks of the Greek Cuisine from owners of local tavernas. I love food, love eating, love cooking and the Greeks were not shy to share their recipes with me. We went back to live in the same teeny village a few years later, this time with The Husband in tow too.

Chios is known as the fragrant flower of the Aegean due to the intoxicating fragrances of the jasmine, mastic tree and wild tulips to be found on the island. The island is also the 5th largest of the Greek Islands, situated in the Aegian Sea, 7km from the Turkish Coast on Asia Minor. With its rich history, the Medieval villages, the very hospitable and surprisingly friendly people, Chios certainly remains one of the hidden gems of the Greek islands. Many people have never even heard of the island with its beautiful and diverse landscapes, unique architecture and an extraordinary historical background. I am not complaining of course - it simply means that it is unspoiled by tourism and commercialism and offers a fantastic holiday for those looking for peace and quiet, stunning scenery, fascinating historical monuments, as well as plenty of gorgeous beaches. These are a few of the photos I took during our second visit.

I love the extensive travelguides compiled by Matt Barrett regarding all matter Greece Travelling - do check out his guide on Chios: http://www.greektravel.com/greekislands/chios/ 


  1. My mom is a greek lady. I love your photos!!

  2. Ooooo how nice is this to know! I love Greek people, history, culture and food and really enjoy our holidays in Greece!

  3. Stunning pictures!

    My husband lived on patmos for a year, when I show him the pic of those octopi hanging he's going to weep....and the thought of how deliciously he cooks them with olive oil and smoked sweet paprika is making me weep!

  4. Oh I think I am weeping for fresh octopi on a Greek island beach now too LOL. This particular restaurant consisted out of a wooden deck extended over the ocean, no roof at all bar over the small kitchen in the back. The owner called the kids, selected one of the octopi and showed them how to clean it before it was grilled. Yummy!