Knitting and Crocheting Narratives

I am fascinated by the human condition - the social, historical, cultural, political, economical, personal, local and global lives and stories of people as told in their own voices, seen through their own eyes, created with their own hands. Narratives take on many different forms from photo-stories to digital storytelling, poetry, art, knitting, crocheting, cooking, writing, playing and more - all representations of personal experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions. These living stories are poignant, never boring and often vivid in imagery, expressing powerful messages of inspiration, optimism and hope. 

Icelandic knitter Bergrós Kjartansdóttir created a powerful narrative through knitting a series of 7 dresses when someone close to her became seriously ill and Kjartansdóttir herself struggled to accept the sickness and anguish. She turned to knitting as a form of own therapy. It is the second dress in the series, titled "Spring" that I am drawn to over and over again. It is simply beautiful and captures the spirit of the Icelandic spring after the dark, harsh winter. I struggled to find more information on the web other than what was published by the Icelandic Knitter and therefore will quote: 
"It’s all her soul, her anguish as much as her joy, that designer Bergrós Kjartansdóttir put in this wonderful dress. It will make you feel good because who doesn’t like spring? This is the second dress from a collection of “7 happy dresses”. Because she didn't have “7 happy days”".
The pattern is available from Ravelry.

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