A diversity of experiences, a varied life

Do you live life to the fullest, enjoying and making the most of every minute of every day? 
I do! As much as I love hooking, it is but a tiny part of my interests. 
If you are familiar with the Flipboard app, you might want to take a look at 18%GREY, our Street Photography and Photojournalism magazine. We feature some of the best photographers around, to contribute not only "pure" street photography, but also work in street portraiture-, travel-, documentary-, urban landscape and creative street-based projects that lean towards "fine art" street work.

If you are interested in education, media and technology you will enjoy quib.ly, a community that aims to help parents give their kids a head start in a connected, fast changing, global world. I have just joined the team as an expert and deals with all matter media, technology, e-learning, education and development. 

Uhm, these in addition to hooking are but a drop in the ocean of what keeps me busy every day. Until next time, Cheers!


  1. ja wadde, wat ben jij een bezige bij. Maak graag tijd om jouw blog eens wat verder uit te pluizen!!! En ben dol op jouw taal!!!!!!!!

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