Off the hooks!

 Off the hooks: Red Cross Throw, Throw nr 3

9 Red granny squares, 11 rounds each with 5.5 hook
4 Black ranny squares, 22 rounds each with 5.5 hook
Red border in single crochet

I have few words today.  I wanted a beautiful throw that I would feel proud about since it will be going to an Aids Orphan.  (See also my paper "Cry the beloved Children" discussing HIV Aids as a humanitarian crisis. I rarely talk about my work in the realm of sexual trafficking and human development since it is highly sensitive, challenging work but you might also read my posting titled Human Trafficking, Hookers, Hope)

The final colour combination of this throw however, is so meh that I basically hooked it with my eyes closed, eyes fixed on the TV, making eyes at the husband, eyeing the contents of the fridge . . .  This is all due to the yarn store being out of stock on the cream aran (photo below).  I did not want a red and black throw, I mean it is like wearing a pair of black shoes with a red frock, a look that is terribly crass and outdated. Red is paired with nude (or brown or orange or purple for heaven's sake!)


Elle Marco is marketed as a "Touch the Countryside" and consists of 32% cotton, 11% tweed, 10% wool, 44% acrylic, 3% nylon. It is a yarn with great possibilities but as with any design, one should be in love with the colour combinations. Oh, how I mourn not getting hold of the cream aran.

It is Wonderful Wednesday here at Palace Pigtails, meaning we go out to do something nice as determined by the kids.  It looks like we are off to the skate-park today. Cheers!


  1. Sorry to hear you're not too happy with this throw. I don't think it's too bad but I can imagine it's a bit boring. Did you have fun with the kids today?

    1. Terribly boring throw LOL. It was a lovely day thanks!

  2. Elle Marco can be a pest to work with. I thinks it's best suited to knitting stocking stitch, but still, every now and then I try something in crochet with it, only to discard it again. Blanket came out nice, think a boy would love it.

  3. Well you still did a beautiful job with the photography and maybe you can give it away as a gift to someone who love red and black.


  4. Och I loved the look of the yarn when I first bought it and still think it is possible to hook something really pretty with it, but unfortunately it doesn't shape as beautifully as other yarns I prefer to work with. I am so cross (pun intended!) with myself as this is a charity throw and I envisaged something much nicer. It will however keep someone warm!

  5. The throw looks lovely, even if you aren't happy with it.....is it cosy at least for keeping someone warm?

  6. Beautiful blanket for a very worthy cause :)