Coffee, gardening and hooking

Coffee time!

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 Cacti and Succulents

It is great living in a house with a huge yard.  I collected no less than 36 empty clay pots throughout the garden that just begged to be planted with new succulents and cacti!  With some rigorous composting over the past few weeks, we were able to fill the pots with fantastic soil and new plants the kids and I picked up from Kambroo/Gariep this week. One would think it is spring and not autumn here - I am clearly in denial.  I hate winter unless I am somewhere skiing and drinking gluhwein, eating raclette or cheese fondue . . . 

Lastly - see this?

Well the 13 year old Teen just hooked a scarf in linen/woven stitch and I had this idea that she will enjoy being a guest blogger here on Pigtails, but nope, she blogged her own hooky tales on Hibiscus-Crush. Her old blog, Twitchy Thing and a Tenth was and still is most enjoyable if you want to see some more of her hooky tales and computer drawings. She is most eager for your recognition ;-)

Cheers, off to do some hooking and hopefully finish one throw by tomorrow.  Never again do I work on more than one WIP at a time, I must just plan better so that I don't run out of yarn again. 

I have learned through the years that the ability to focus on one project, see it through (and in the case of crocheting refrain from stashing any yarn) is all down to an acquired skill and personal discipline - and not as we all choose to believe down to personality type. Oooo I can hear how many crafters are now disagreeing, but think about it - it is an interesting view and I love to challenge established views!!!