A busy week!

Hello!  I recently found two treasures on Pinterest, the first one was the Elize Shawl made by Liz from Crochet in Colour and the second was a drawing of a scarf by Sukha Amsterdam. I am a member of a Dutch Crochet Group on Facebook and always enjoy the shawls (omslagdoeke) hooked by the Dutch. Since we love travelling and seeing the world, I decided to hook my own shawl to take along on trips, inspired by the pictures I found on Pinterest!  The original design is by Evan Plevinski and can be find on Ravelry.

Elize Shawl hooked over three days in hand dyed, 100% cotton.  I used another day to block the scarf and take my hat off for Liz who said that she hooked her shawl in one day! 

 The Teen meanwhile got hold of her hook and covered a garish neon bangle in linen stitch, one of her favourite stitches to work with. She favours single crochet stitches (I do too, it is just a tad time consuming).

Last weekend I asked the husband to pick up a Christmas Tree for us, he came home with a baobab made out of wire by a group of Zimbabwean dudes who set up "shop" on a nearby street corner! We promptly decided to decorate the tree in a fusion of Scandinavian and African designs in black and white and I immediately stocked up on spray paint, polystyrene balls, paper, felt, sequins and more and hope to show you a version of the decorated tree soon. Interesting trees made out of wire, wood and other materials have been quite the rage in South Africa for close to 2 decades now.  It is fun given that this is the Southern Hemisphere and winter does not factor into our Festive Season! 

Lastly, our Tuna cat belonging to the Dude Tween went into labour when I was out shopping and safely delivered no less than 7!!!! kittens with the help and encouragement of the Teen and Tween. I am hoping that our Main Coon is daddy of at least the black ones, but of course the ginger ones belong to Garfield who lives across the road from us. This is the litter, no more than 48 hours old!

 Enjoy your week!

Oh yes, and before I forget, I informed New Stitch a Day of the Acrobatic Stitch dilemma as per previous posting and they immediately rectified the mistake. Thank you for excellent customer service!



  1. beautiful beautiful shawl Magda!!!!
    the kittens are adorable!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Very cute kittens:) and I love the bracelet!

  3. Oo I love shawl! And the kittens are too cute!

  4. Such a beautiful shawl! And how sweet are those little kittens... Congrats!

  5. Loving this shawl and the colours, gorgeous!! Such cute kittens, I do hope you find homes for them all. Would love to have them all if I am honest! Beautiful tree, such amazing detail and I remember these from the years I lived in SA. It surely is a work of art! Enjoy your week xoxo

  6. Zo een mooie kittens, verleden jaar is onze "oranje" kater gestorven, nog maar 1 jaar oud en hij noemde Nesquick. Als ik kon zou ik er eentje adopteren.
    Nog eens bedankt voor mij kennis te laten maken met Woolhogs. Dat was een leuke ervaring.
    Die armband en de kerstboom wauw! En de sjaal Waaaauuuuuuuwwwwww

  7. Thank you everyone, the kittens just started opening their eyes and are 1 week old today!

  8. Your Christmas tree is precious! and I really like the bracelet and scarf.
    But definitely the kittens stolen my heart! they are so cute!

  9. Die sjaal is echt fantastisch en die poesjes, zo schattig. Fijn weekend.

  10. What a great shawl! Love the colors

  11. The linen stitch is my favorite as well. Love your Elize shawl. I'm trying to find the perfect pattern for some beautiful shimmery grey thread, and I keep coming back to this one.