Something a little different!

Hello! I won a few skeins of this soft, misty, almost magical brushed mohair in the October Monthly Challenge hosted by the gregarious Maryanne from Woolhogs fame and WOW! At first I was speechless - what is a cotton lover to do with mohair yarns?!  It is so delicate and raw simultaneously that I was completely in awe. 

Inspiration struck after I touched the strands, played with the yarn between my fingers and put mood boards together. I started dreaming up endless ideas, possibilities and patterns so utterly suitable to the raw look of the yarn, but finally settled on a mesh pattern.   

Mood-boards put together from my Raw Rustic Pinterest


Yarn: African Expressions Love Brushed Mohair
Hook Size: 7mm
Patternliveinternet.ru nr 10 as found on Pinterest


In order to prevent total chaos, I imported the pattern into the Doceri app on the Ipad and colour coded the rows as seen in the below image. 


  1. It seems so very delicate and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the tip on the Doceri app, wasn't aware of this. Love your mood board, some gorgeous images. xoxo

  2. I love your approach to your projects and it is good to know that I am not the only one who will colour-code things for clarity. Thank you for introducing us to new apps and pattern sources.

  3. That looks super cool. I love your creativity!!!

  4. Thank you everyone, I like the yarn so much, I actually bought more colours in addition to this, the cream and the rose I won. I supplemented with purple, tomato red and aqua - who knows what is next on the list of Mohair items!

  5. Please could someone tell me how many chains to do to start and how to know where to insert the treble crochets? I'm a crochet beginner - many thanks

    1. Hi Jan, you can start with about 30-32 stitches. I messed up from time to time with the stitches (don't say that loudly) and simply adjusted as I went along. It is a forgiving pattern, so no need to be exact. I inserted the trebles underneath the chains and not through any as far as I remember, but will delve through my storage tonoght and take out the scarf to doublemcheck. Hope this helps!

    2. Meaning chains, not stitches in that first sentence.

    3. Yes it does, thank you! It's a lovely scarf for the chilly spring weather we're having here in the UK, looking forward to having a go.