Misty Clouds Scarf and 2013 Hooky Pleasures

Hello!  This is another scarf (yeah, I am fixated) hanging from my hooks. I wanted to share a few photos with you before the clock strikes 12 in three more days, even though the item is only half finished! I am still finding my way around this gorgeous yarn but think I will be able to push the boundaries and hook really interesting items once the creative juices are in full swing again. 

Misty Clouds Scarf

Pattern: hooked in hdc, 28 stitches per row
Hook size: 8mm
Yarn: African Expressions Love, brushed mohair, 100 gram  

Psst - Long post alert!

I decided to take a quick look at what I created during 2013 and am quite pleased with the results. Below is a collection of my projects with hyperlinks to all the postings. The postings include links to patterns, my own patterns or tutorials.
I have also thoroughly enjoyed all the blog hopping, commenting, link parties and blog week (See my posting Bamboo is Best for a chuckle). Thank you for stopping by here at the Pigtails Blog so often, have a fantastic New Year. Cheers!

1&3 African Flower Handbags 2. Roly Poly Pillow Seat & Roly Poly Pentagon pattern 4. African Flower Tutorial

1. Delphine Cowl  2. Throw Main Bedroom 3. Crochet Frame 4. Bamboo is Best

1. Ivory Handbag 2. Crochet Pot 3. Mohair Scarf & Planning Mohair Scarf 4. Crochet Vessel 


  1. Wow Gorgeous pictures. I really love all the projects . And your color choice is so lovely....

  2. Your projects are always so inspirational with all the different textures and colours of yarn you use!

    Hope you have a great new year!!x

  3. Love all of them! Colors are great and the photos are perfect! Visiting from annemarie's blog.

  4. These are all really beautiful, I love all the colours you have used in various projects xox Penny

  5. Such nice things! And lovely colors. I hope to see more things in your own style next year.

  6. Wow! How many gorgeous creations! You have been very creative this year. I'm so glad that you shared all these with us! :)

  7. wonderful wooly projects you've been making this year!

  8. I´m happy because I found you on Pinterest and I can see your work, I like it very much. Continue creating such beautiful things.

  9. Thank you for commenting on my blog - I'm so glad to find your blog!! There's so much pretty. I have to bookmark you and look at it tonight when I can sit and take it all in! :)

  10. Wow, like your style! Have a great 2014! Regards Marijtje

  11. It's great to see all your work here! all are great!
    and blankets are lovely! I like a lot!
    My best wishes for this 2014! thanks for sharing your creations!
    I hope this year I can also enjoy your blog! thank you!
    Kisses from Catalonia!!!!!!